Derek Jeter 2014 Topps ‘All Rookie Cup Team’

Derek Jeter 2014 Topps ‘All Rookie Cup Team’

While I have every intention of going after this full subset in the coming weeks, I pulled this card from a pack of cards and have set it aside for my small Derek Jeter collection.

I am not planning on investing heavily(time or money) into Jeter, but if I pull anything out of packs, I will keep them.  And maybe in time, I will go back and try to grab a few more Jeter cards that appeal to me.

Like this one does…  From the 2014 Topps Series 1 ‘All Rookie Cup Team’.

Have a look:



I love the card design of this subset.  And even with quite a bit of empty space, the look works.  And it also complements the Yankees’ color scheme exceptionally well.

And now, I am ready to go after the full set!!

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