Happy Birthday Terry Steinbach!!!

Happy Birthday Terry Steinbach!!!

Terry Steinbach turns 52 years old today.

Terry Steinbach was the anchor for a very successful Oakland Athletics pitching staff during their ‘Glory Years’ of the late 1980’s.

A 3-time All-star catcher, Steinbach was the model of consistency both at the plate and on the field for what at the time was baseball’s most dynamic line-up.  During Steinbach’s 14-year career, he hit a solid .271 while amassing 162 home runs and driving in 745 runs.  On a line-up that consisted of the amazing talents of Rickey Henderson, Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire, Carney Lansford, Dave Henderson, and others, it was Steinbach’s approach at the plate that helped the A’s become the elite team of the 1980’s.

Steinbach also caught 2 no-hitters during his career: 1 in 1990 by A’s ace Dave Stewart & 1 in 1999 by Eric Milton of the Twins.

Terry Steinbach helped lead the A’s to 3 consecutive AL pennants in 1988, 1989, and 1990.  The pinnacle was reached in 1989 as the Oakland A’s won the World Series in a 4-game sweep of the San Francisco Giants.

In Steinbach’s first year of Hall of Fame eligibility in 2000 he received 1 vote and was dropped from all future ballots.

Happy Birthday Mr. Steinbach!!


2 responses to “Happy Birthday Terry Steinbach!!!

  1. Steinbach was awesome. A’s fans honored him by selecting him to the Oakland Athletics 40th Anniversary team a few years ago.

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