Baseball Card Show Review

Baseball Card Show Review

I was very excited to attend the card show that was held this past weekend since I missed the February show due to family commitments.

Mixed into that excitement was the opportunity to see some new card releases as well – 2014 Donruss, 2014 Topps Tribute, and 2014 Topps Turkey Red.  Ultimately I only saw Donruss as one seller was selling packs and boxes – and the price tag was too steep for me to get it on.  I did not see any singles of the new Topps Tribute or Turkey Red product at all so I will now have to turn to the web if I want cards from any of those products.

The show was strong.  And I believe that I found the dealer that will help me get stacks of cards for my 1975 Topps set build.  He is a true vintage seller and the last year he offers is 1975.  He had two boxes full of commons from the set, in sleeves and numerical order, and I jumped right in.  You’ll have to wait a few hours to see the full haul…

I did fairly well with the rest of the stuff that I brought home.  2014 Topps was everywhere but with the exception of some colored parallels and Super Veteran subset cards I am done with that set.

Overall, I had a good time and I am ready to scan and post my purchases so you can enjoy the show with me.

Stay tuned, Card Show Purchase #1 is going to launch in two hours.

Have a nice day.


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