Million Dollar Question – Is Now The Time To Invest In Craig Biggio Rookie Cards?

Million Dollar Question – Is Now The Time To Invest In Craig Biggio Rookie Cards?

With the progression of Craig Biggio’s Hall of Fame vote tally, I would say that the odds of his election into the Baseball Hall of Fame as a member of the Class of 2015 is likely a 90% certainty.

In 2013, Biggio tallied 68.2% of the vote.  And in 2014, he claimed 74.8% of the votes cast.

Barring any ground-breaking, and earth-shattering news, I believe that Biggio will easily earn the extra votes to hit the magical 75% needed for enshrinement.

So, is it time to invest in Mr. Biggio now?  Buy hoards of his rookie baseball cards with the goal of flipping them when his name is more relevant in the hobby than it is today?

I am not one to turn down an option like this.  But, I am also not the guy that wants to buy a card for a quarter to sell it for a dollar as the associated Ebay and PayPal fees will surely put you in the red…

What do you think?  Invest in Craig Biggio with the goal of making money a year from now or pass?

biggio 1989 upper deck


8 responses to “Million Dollar Question – Is Now The Time To Invest In Craig Biggio Rookie Cards?

  1. With the exception of Ken Griffey Jr., Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter Rookies Cards; I think any Rookie Card produced in the late 1980’s through the late 1990’s can be had at a relatively decent low price. If you want to make money buy Griffey Jr., Rivera and Jeter rookie cards.

  2. Hi! I would agree with Matt D’s comment on the availability of 1980’s and 90’s rookie cards. A shrewd collector can certainly acquire cards to trade or sell to enhance their collections. Investing is a completely different ballgame. A collector can keep a card in their collection forever. An investor for the most part never falls in love with their stock and waits for the right time to maximize their profit. In my opinion it’s difficult to be both a collector and investor. Enjoy the hobby, whichever way means the most to you.

  3. I personally wouldn’t waste my time. Will they go up in value? Probably. Making the HOF can’t hurt. But there’s so many Biggio rookie cards floating around… demand will never exceed supply, which means they’re not likely to skyrocket in value. However if you were going to try to make a few bucks, I’d go to Sportlots and buy a bunch for 18¢ (plus shipping), create rookie lots, and list them as soon as he gets enshrined.

    Ironically… I’ve been waiting to find an affordable Biggio autograph for years. And I finally picked one up in 2013… and grabbed another one in 2014. Thanks to Topps his autographs are more readily available which is nice for collectors who just want his signature for their collection and not as an investment.

  4. I personally prefer to collect rather than invest… i was a big collector in those late 80s/early 90s days and theres just too much of it out there and can be had for very cheap… its not worth investing unless someone decided to buy up as much of it as they could and burn it to lower the over-supply.. that said, i do hope Biggio makes it… he deserves it…

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