Happy Birthday Jeff Kent!!

Happy Birthday Jeff Kent!!

Jeff Kent turns 46 years old today.

Jeff Kent may go down as one of the most talented offensive second basemen in baseball history.  And his 2000 MVP season was sensational.  During that year, Kent hit .334 as he collected 196 hits.  He crushed 33 homers, drove in 125 runs, and scored 114 times.  He was a member of the All-star team that year and won the first of his four Silver Slugger trophies too.

Now eligible for the Hall of Fame, Kent is going through the process of accumulating votes for enshrinement.  Time will tell if he gets elected, but his offensive numbers as a second baseman are certainly worth consideration.

His career numbers look like this – 2,461 hits, .290 lifetime batting average, 560 doubles, 377 home runs, 1,320 runs scored, 1,518 RBI, and 4,246 total bases.  He is a 5-time All-Star, a 4-time Silver Slugger winner, and a former League MVP.

Happy Birthday Mr. Kent!


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