Word Association Wednesday – When I Say ‘Cut Signatures’, You Say…

Word Association Wednesday – When I Say ‘Cut Signatures’, You Say…

From dictionary.com:

Word Association, Noun.  

Definition – the connection and production of other words in response to a given word, done spontaneously as a game, creative technique, or in a psychiatric evaluation.

Ex: Dog –> Bark

Topps’ 2014 Heritage product release has been re-scheduled to Friday, the 14th.  This is roughly ten days after the original launch date.  What this minor delay has done is give me a few more days to go after some of the Series 1 cards I still need, while also building my checklist for the Marlins and Player Collection cards in the Heritage set that I plan to go after.

After cruising through the base checklist, I was intrigued about the subsets found in this year’s release and ultimately that led me to reviewing the full set.

And then I ran into this – ‘1965 Cut Signatures’ and ‘1965 Celebrity Cut Signatures’.

And that immediately made me ask the question ‘When I Say ‘Cut Signatures, I Think’??

And my answer is:


Cut Signature

I mean, seriously – Does anyone want a piece of index card or notebook paper mounted to a baseball card that features a signature that wasn’t intended to be there in the first place?

This set features autographs of baseball players like Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer, and Tom Seaver as well as celebrities like Art Garfunkel, John Wayne, and Elvis Presley.  Wouldn’t you rather have a nice piece signed that was purposely signed by the person versus the item being manipulated to fit a baseball card?

I’m not sure where the majority stands on this, but I find the ‘Cut Signature’ to be as ridiculous as anything that has been tried by any baseball card producing company – EVER.

What do you think?   ‘When I Say ‘Cut Signatures, You Say….

8 responses to “Word Association Wednesday – When I Say ‘Cut Signatures’, You Say…

  1. I would associate Cut Signature with kinda cool. While cut signatures definitely suck about 95% of the time; there’s 5% of the time when they don’t suck and are really cool. Pulling a cut signature card of Roberto Clemente, Lou Gehrig or Babe Ruth might be the only time a normal everyday person would ever be able to own one of their autographs and pulling a card of someone of their stature would be the only way that a cut signature card would be cool.

  2. “Yesterday’s news”. Once upon a time, it had my attention. But as soon as companies started using living athletes on the checklists, I didn’t really see the point. To take it a step further… I own a Steve Sax cut signature that contains a “sticker-graph”. Now if I pulled a Jackie Robinson or Babe Ruth cut signature… I’d probably pass out with excitement. But who needs a Palmer, Robinson, or Seaver when they have plenty of autographed cards out there.

  3. I agree with Fuji, what is the point of cut signatures of current and living players? I’ve talked about cut sigs on my blog http://captkirk42.blogspot.com/search/label/cut%20signatues

  4. Yep, as Matt and Fuji stated, cut signatures are really only cool when there simply don’t exist any “certified on-card autograph issues” of that person.. such as Clemente, Jackie, Ruth, etc. That said, if I’m ripping a pack, a cut signature auto is still much better than no auto at all!

    • defgav- I have yet to pull one from a pack so I have no idea the excitement level that it may offer, but I don’t go after packs or boxes with the hopes of being lucky enough to get a cut auto, that’s for sure!

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