Million Dollar Question – Does Opening Day In Australia Excite You??

Million Dollar Question – Does Opening Day In Australia Excite You??

No build-up is necessary for this one – a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question.

And my answer is simple – No.

Baseball is America’s past-time.  People in America take off the day from work and skip school to attend Opening Day.  I don’t know how popular our game is in Australia, but I do not believe that it ranks very high.

Am I for making the sport more appealing in other countries?  Sure.  But, not at the expense of the fans it already has?  I don’t know if these games between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks count has home games for either team, but one of these two fan bases is losing home games and a chance to be at Opening Day.  And that sucks.

Why on Earth would MLB advocate this???  SMH.


16 responses to “Million Dollar Question – Does Opening Day In Australia Excite You??

  1. No! I agree with your comments 100%. Opening day should be at a Senior Circuit ballpark.

  2. My answer is Yes! MLB has already played regular season games in Japan, Mexico and Canada so what’s the big deal with playing regular season games in Austrailia? MLB needs to spread the game around the world and I think it’s way overdue that a regular season is played outside the US, Mexico, Canada and Japan.

    I understand that baseball is America’s pastime, but baseball is also a pastime in Japan, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and other Caribbean islands. Baseball needs to catch up to basketball and soccer in terms of being a global game and by playing regular season games in Austrailia is going to help with that goal.

    Baseball might not rank that very high with much of Austrailia’s population right now (there are some great baseball fans already in Austrailia like my buddy Daniel Clark @TBLDaily who is a huge Orioles fan) and with these games being played there it’ll inspire people (fans) to skip work or school to watch opening day games or visit the US and go to their favorite team’s park and watch an opening day game live! It could inspire a young Austrailian kid to play baseball and he becomes a better MLB player than Mike Trout (it could happen)!

    MLB regular season games (Opening Day no less!) in Austrailia is a great thing and I can not wait to watch!

    • Matt- While I respect your opinion, baseball is the lone sport with a true ‘Opening Day’ feel. In the last few years, MLB has done things to take away from what the day used to be. There is normally a game on the Sunday night before the first day – kind of odd. And now taking our ‘Opening Day’ and sending it halfway around the globe to me makes no sense. You want to send a 3-game series there after the All-Star break, ok. But, Opening Day is an American tradition. And I would have to guess that people in AZ and CA would be tickled at the chance to see Game 1 for their teams.

      I am not for global expansion of the sport. The NBA was/is very successful at this. But, Opening Night in the NBA is literally just another day in the US. Baseball’s Opening Day is a tradition. And it should not be messed with… (IMHO).

  3. Let me just say that I love Opening Day pretty much more than any other day of the year and the way I look at it as is that this year the Diamondbacks and Dodgers will each get two Opening Days this season.

    I don’t think that having the Diamondbacks & Dodgers playing Opening Day games in Australia will have any effect on the way Opening Day will be at Chase Field or at Dodger Stadium when the Diamondbacks and Dodgers have their US Opening Days. If anything it extends the Opening Day ceremonies even longer than they would be if the games weren’t being played in Australia this year. Opening Day is a great tradition and I think it’s so great that it should be a world tradition.

    MLB has to make an effort to globalize the sport because most American kids are playing more basketball, football, soccer and video games than they are baseball.

  4. No, I can’t watch because of the time difference. Globalization of sports is overrated. Everyone can like their own sports.

  5. I’m generally in favor of overseas games, but they should be exhibitions only. They’d be even better (certainly for the locals) if its a U.S. team (say the Dodgers) against a local squad. Baseball, as I understand it, is actually quite popular down under. But you’re right–some home city is losing a home game and that stinks all the way around. I know some baseball execs still salivate over the idea of international baseball (mlb teams in Tokyo, Berlin, London…cause, you know, it worked so well with football) but such a thing is never going to happen until we’re completely off fossil fuels. So, uh, not anytime soon. International baseball, yes. But exhibitions only, so no.

  6. No, but that’s not why they’re doing it. I’d be more excited if the Cubs were playing.

  7. No. Why promote a game that has no impact or chances of expansion.

  8. No way. I don’t care if mid season games occur in a non-MLB country , but opening day games should stay in MLB parks. I’m not even crazy about the World Baseball Classic being between Spring Training and start of season. If MLB really wants to keep growing the game globally, they need to get the game added back to Olympics. And the teams should be comprised of amateurs so kids grow up with a goal of representing their country playing a sport they love.

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