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Regardless Of The Item, Tom Glavine Offers A Pretty Simple And Quick Autograph…

Regardless Of The Item, Tom Glavine Offers A Pretty Simple And Quick Autograph…

Oftentimes, a player’s autograph represents a big part of the player’s personality.

A player with a large a loopy autograph might be a bit eccentric.  And a guy that offers a crisp and clean signature might be a strict follower of rules.

As for Tom Glavine, his signature is far from artsy and far from messy.  Not done in perfect script, Glavine’s signature is a clean and quick one.  Not too many letters of his autograph are greatly detailed, and a few times in his auto one letter blends into another with no breaks.

Still, his signature is very consistent – regardless of the item.

A few samples for you to enjoy:




Tom Glavine Is A Member Of The ‘300 Wins Club’

Tom Glavine Is A Member Of The ‘300 Wins Club’

There is no greater career achievement for a starting pitcher to earn than the 300th win.

The feat is tough to accomplish, and the members of the club are an elite group of pitchers that represents many of the greatest hurlers that he game has ever seen.

Tom Glavine joined the ‘300 Wins Club’ on August 5, 2007.   He was just the 23rd pitcher in major league history to accomplish the feat.


Tom Glavine, Owner Of 2,607 Strikeouts

Tom Glavine, Owner Of 2,607 Strikeouts

He may not have had the power of a John Smoltz fastball.

He may not have the precision accuracy of a Greg Maddux slider.

But, Tom Glavine had the whole package.  He could dominate batters in a variety of ways – with speed, movement, and crafty pitching, Tom Glavine struck out 2,607 batters during his major league career.

Glavine highest single-season tall of strikeouts was in 1991 when he struck out 192 batters.

He would go on to average 118.5 K’s per season, and 5.3 per nine innings of work.


Tom Glavine: 1995 World Series Champion And MVP!!!!

Tom Glavine: 1995 World Series Champion And MVP!!!!

The 1995 Atlanta Braves were a thrilling team to watch.  Led by the pitching trio of Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, and Tom Glavine, the Braves were able to withstand anything that was thrown at them just because of what their starting pitchers offered.

Glavine and his Braves teammates took on the Cleveland Indians in the 1995 World Series.  And it did not take long for Glavine to leave an impression on the Indians and a mark on the championship run.

Glavine won the World Series MVP Award for his efforts which included two of the four wins that secured the Braves their 1995 World Series title.  In 14 innings of work, Glavine allowed just four hits and two runs while striking out eleven.  He was masterful in both of his starts; and his winning ways lead to the Braves securing the championship.


Tom Glavine Won Two Cy Young Award For His Pitching Dominance

Tom Glavine Is A 5-Time, 20-Game Winner!!!

One of the most consistent pitchers in the National League during the 1990’s, Tom Glavine finished in the Top 3 for the Cy Young Award in six of ten seasons between 1991-2000.

In 1993 and 1995, he finished in third place.
In 1992 and 2000, hi finished in second place.
And in 1991 and 1998 he took home the prize!!!

The numbers:

1991 – 20-11, 2.55 ERA, 9 complete games, 1 shutout, 192 strikeouts, 69 walks, 7.0 K’s per 9 innings

1998 – 20-6, 2.47 ERA, 4 complete games, 3 shutouts, 157 strikeouts, 74 walks, 6.2 K’s per 9 innings


Tom Glavine Is A 5-Time, 20-Game Winner!!!

Tom Glavine Is A 5-Time, 20-Game Winner!!!

The measure of a pitcher’s individual season success has always been the 20-win mark.

Not only does the 20-win plateau signify that you helped your team win a lot of ballgames, but it also shows that you were able to remain relatively healthy during the course of the season.

Tom Glavine won 20 or more baseball games in five seasons.

A breakdown:
1991 – 20
1992 – 20
1993 – 22
1998 – 20
2000 – 21

All of his 20-win campaigns came while pitching for the Braves.


Tom Glavine Won 4 Silver Slugger Award For Offensive Dominance

Tom Glavine Won 4 Silver Slugger Award For Offensive Dominance

You would not last in the major leagues with an amazing competitive spirit.

And while he always appeared to be composed and relaxed while in the public eye, there is no doubt that Tom Glavine was a fiery competitor.

I’ve heard stories of competition between Glavine, John Smoltz and Greg Maddux – and a lot of it focused on their ability to hit the ball.

For his part, Glavine was solid.

He captured four Silver Slugger Awards recognizing him as the best hitting pitcher in the NL.

Glavine collected 246 hits during his career, leaving him with a lifetime batting average of .186.  Of his 246, Glavine hit 25 doubles, 2 triples, and 1 home run!!


Tom Glavine Is A 10-Time All-Star!!

Tom Glavine Is A 10-Time All-Star!!

The era in which Tom Glavine pitched did not allow for a lot of starting pitchers to be named to All-Star games year after year.

Quite frankly, the National League was stacked with Hall of Fame talent in the 1990’s, and among the best was Tom Glavine.

Glavine was selected as a National League All-Star ten times during his 22-season career.  His first All-Star selection was in 1991 and his last appearance came in 2006.  Of his 10 All-Star selections, eight came with the Braves and two were with the New York Mets.


Happy Birthday Tom Glavine!!

Happy Birthday Tom Glavine!!

Tom Glavine turns 48 years old today.

Looking back at the players that have retired in the last few years, Glavine is one of the most highly decorated and respected of the group. He seems very likely to be a 1st ballot entrant into the Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible.

Already the owner of 305 victories, 2 Cy Young Awards, 10 All-star team selections, 4 Silver Slugger Awards, and a World Series championship, Glavine had done everything needed to solidify himself as one of his era’s greatest pitching talents.

Glavine was elected to the Class of 2014 for the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2014.  He captured more than 91% of the votes case for election – a true nod of respect to one of the finest pitchers from his era.

Happy Birthday Mr. Glavine!!

PACK BREAK: 3 Packs Of 2014 Topps Opening Day

PACK BREAK: 3 Packs Of 2014 Topps Opening Day

Finally, after going to three different retail locations in the last 24 hours, I have been able to find the Topps 2014 Opening Day product.

Target had six packs left.  Yep, six.  So, I snagged them all.  I figured that for the effort I put in, I deserved all of them.

But, in actuality, I am only keeping three for myself and will be using the other three for an ‘Opening Day Contest’ prize that is set to launch on Thursday night.

So, three for me, and possibly three for you!

And now, let’s get on with in and let me show you the 21 cards that I pulled from the three packs.

Pack #1 – I got a nice Jake Marisnick rookie card, a Kevin Gausman Future Stars card, and a sweet mascot card.


Pack #2 – Not bad, a Tulo 3D card and a Blue-bordered card of Jordan Zimmerman


Pack #3 – Easily the most star-studded pack!  I pulled Puig, Kemp, Cano, Ryan Zimmerman, and the Giancarlo Stanton 3D card!!


Now a bad haul.  And with the price tag of just $0.99 per pack, I am digging it.

I have some work ahead of me to get the rest of the Marlins players in the set, but it is a challenge that I gladly accept.

And don’t forget, the remaining three packs can you be yours if you enter my ‘Opening Day Contest’.  Come back on Thursday to check it out!!!

Thanks for reading.