Jose Fernandez 2013 Bowman ROOKIE Card!!!

Jose Fernandez 2013 Bowman ROOKIE Card!!!

The 2014 baseball season is about to get under way and I am still trying to grab a few more Jose Fernandez rookie cards before his Opening Day start for the Marlins next week.

I was able to snag this rookie card of Jose from the 2013 Bowman set for a pretty price and FREE shipping. So, I jumped all over it.

And it looks great.  Check it out:



I expect huge things out of Mr. ROY this season.  And while the Marlins have yet to state that he is on any kind of pitch or inning count restriction, I imagine that as the season progresses it will become a hot topic of conversation.  Especially if he is in the mix for the Cy Young Award.

I cannot wait to go!!!  March 31 cannot get here soon enough!!


2 responses to “Jose Fernandez 2013 Bowman ROOKIE Card!!!

  1. Sweet! Are you going to wait after the game to try to get it signed? Planning on getting my ball signed from him too

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