A New Mission For The 2014 Baseball Season: Learning How To Score A Game!!!

A New Mission For The 2014 Baseball Season: Learning How To Score A Game!!!

Ok, this is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time.  And I believe that I am ready to take the first steps to towards making this a reality.

My plan is to proceed with this by taking ‘Baby Step’ as I don’t want any kind of confusion to derail my desires.

Ultimately, by the end of the 2014 baseball season, I would like to say that I am ‘Comfortable’ scoring a game by hand.

This is just another way for me to connect to the game.  For me to take a traditional part of the game and learn and understand it better.  And I think it can be fun too.

My biggest issue is that I rarely get to see the start of a game.  Between kid’s homework, kid’s extra-curricular activities, and bedtimes, sometimes I miss the first 2-3 innings.  But, I think that works for what I need.  Scoring a complete game while still ‘training’ on this may be a very daunting task.  But, maybe 1-2 innings at a time would be better and more manageable?

Either way, I am excited to start the process.

I’ve read a bunch on how to get this done, and the opinions vary tremendously.  There is also no true ‘standard’ rules to follow as many have adopted their own styles along the way.

But, I did find a few websites that offered good info and details so I will keep them with me as I get going.

Scoring process

And I printed a nice sized stack of scorecards so I don’t have to worry about messing up…


I’ve got my pencils.


And I even invested in a Pink Jumbo Eraser!!!

pink jumbo eraser

And now it is go time!!

If by the end of the season I can comfortably score a game I will be happy.  And if not, I will extend my learning into as many seasons as it takes.  Ultimately, I want this to be fun, and I want to be able to read my scorecard and be able to see and understand what took place during the action.

Wish me luck.  And if you have any tips as to how I can get this done effectively and while enjoying the process, please share!!

Thanks for reading.


9 responses to “A New Mission For The 2014 Baseball Season: Learning How To Score A Game!!!

  1. Anthony O'Neill

    Cool stuff Brian!! I used to score the Jays games at old Exhibition Stadium. I only did it a few times, because I came to the realization that I was concentrating too hard and not actually enjoying the game. Plus I was too afraid to move, go to the bathroom etc in case I missed something

  2. I’ve been keeping score ever since I was a kid. I find that it keeps me more involved in the game, and it can be fun to go back and look at the scoresheet, especially for minor league and college games… I’ve had a few instances where I looked back at a minor league game years later and realized “Hey, I saw Chipper Jones in 1993!” or whoever.

    There are a number of different methods of keeping score, and which one you use is entirely up to you. The method I use is a hybrid of stuff I’ve picked up over the years, as well as stuff I’ve made up or appropriated from other sources. For example, if a shortstop makes an outstanding play and throws the runner out at first, I’ll put it down as 6!-3. The exclamation mark is something I “stole” from chess notation, because I used to be into chess until I realized I was terrible at it. Also, if you’re not sure how to score something, just make up something or write a note in the margins. Nobody’s going to judge you on the way you score; people are more likely to be impressed that you’re keeping score to begin with.

    The one thing I’ve started doing recently and which I wish i’d done all along is making a note of who I went to the game with, and any notable things that wouldn’t appear in the boxscore (i.e. a celebrity who threw out the first pitch, a special giveaway, etc.).

    Have fun!

  3. One more thing: I view my scorecards as a record of what I saw, not so much of what happened in the game… so if I’m late or miss a half-inning going for a hot dog, I’ll just make a note that says that, and move on.

  4. I grew up scoring games but I haven’t done it in a long time. One entry the internet probably didn’t give you. “W W”. That was Phil Rizzuto’s shorthand for Wasn’t Watching”.

  5. Something I’d like to do as well. Another magic thing about baseball.

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