Finally, the first Friday of the month is here and for me that means that it is time for another South Florida baseball card show.

And lucky for me, neither of my boys have any Little League or T-Ball activities scheduled for tonight, so I am free to go to the card show!

There has been a lot of activity in the collecting universe since the last show that I attended with the releases of 2014 Topps Opening Day, 2014 Topps Museum Collection, and 2014 Topps Heritage.

Thankfully, I have already secured most of the Opening Day and Heritage cards that I am after so I can avoid digging through boxes of those cards and set my sights on some different things.

Here is some of the stuff I will be seeking:

  • 2014 Topps Series 1 Miami Marlins Gold cards
  • 2014 Topps Heritage parallels of Giancarlo Stanton & Jose Fernandez
  • 2014 Topps Museum cards of Dawson, Stanton, Fernandez, and Harper
  • 2014 Topps stickers Miami Marlins team set
  • 1975 Topps singles for my set build
  • Inspiration for new subsets to collect

Sound good?  It does to me – and I cannot wait to get to the show tonight and start hunting the cards I am seeking.

On Monday, I will have a full card show recap for you with scans and stories about each purchase that I make.

Enjoy your weekend.



  1. My local card show is today. We’re lucky if we get six tables. I can’t even imagine going to one that big.

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