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Jose Fernandez 2014 Topps Heritage ‘New Age Performers’

Jose Fernandez 2014 Topps Heritage ‘New Age Performers’

I scooped up the short print of Jose Fernandez from the 2014 Topps Heritage release the other day and once that purchase was finalized, I immediately sought out the other cards of him from the set.

And some of them carry a pretty hefty price tag.

So, while I may not be adding the Bazooka mini anytime soon, I was able to grab this ‘New Age Performers’ card for less than a buck.

Have a look:



Up next, Chromes and Colored Parallels.  I hope!

Bryce Harper 2013 Topps Update – Home Run Derby Card – Blue Border

Bryce Harper 2013 Topps Update – Home Run Derby Card – Blue Border

Yep, I am going back to 2013.  But not for too long as I still have a good amount of cards from 2014 issues that I want to go after still.

While shopping for 2013’s, I found this card of Bryce Harper from the 2013 Topps Update set so I had to scoop it up.

I still have a few holes in my 2013’s Harper collection as it relates to the numerous parallels that he was featured on, but at least I can scratch off the ‘Blue’ Home Run Derby card off my list!



1975 Topps Set Card 68/660 – #286 – Mike Jorgensen, Expos

1975 Topps Set Card 68/660 – #286 – Mike Jorgensen, Expos

Progress: 68/660

Player Name:  Mike Jorgensen

Card Number:  286

Team:  Montreal Expos

Position:  First Base, Outfield

Image Style:  Posed Portrait

Years In The Major Leagues:  17 seasons, 1968, 1970-85

Notes From His 1975 Season:  Jorgensen had a solid season for the Expos in 1975.  He appeared in a career-high 144 games that season.  He connected for 116 en route to a .261 batting average.  Of his 144 hits, 18 were doubles and 18 were home runs.  He scored 58 runs and drove in 67.

Notes From Career:  Jorgensen enjoyed a 17-season career in the major leagues.  He played for six teams during that span while collecting 833 hits along the way.  Primarily used as a firstbaseman, he also spent time patrolling the outfield.  Jorgensen played with the Cardinals in the 1985 World Series, which they lost.  It was his lone appearance in the postseason.


Did You Know…

When the Kansas City Royals and the Philadelphia Phillies met in the 1980 World Series, it was the first time in major league history that the entire series was played on artificial turf.


Million Dollar Question – What Is Matt Williams Doing With Bryce Harper??

Million Dollar Question – What Is Matt Williams Doing With Bryce Harper??

The first week of the baseball season always brings a lot of afternoon games to the schedule.  And that allows me the chance to listen to games on my MLB app during the day while doubling-up and watching games on TV at night.

When choosing a game to listen to, I either look for a stellar pitching match-up or for a game that features a dynamic player that can affect the game at the plate, on the base paths, or while playing defense.

One of those players in Bryce Harper, a ’30-YOC’ favorite!

And what Matt Williams and the Nationals are doing with Harper is driving me nuts.  The constant back and forth, and up and down, of his position in the batting order is doing nothing for his ability to get consistent looks.  Pitchers pitch differently to the guy batting 1st or 2nd versus the guy hitting 5th or 6th.  And as a result, Harper is not hitting the ball the way that he can.  He is being too aggressive and swinging at bad pitches.

Here is where Bryce has hit in the first four games of the season:

Game 1 – 5th, 1-for-4
Game 2 – 6th, 0-for-4
Game 3 – 2nd, 1-for-5
Game 4 – 6th, 1-for-4

Seriously, how would anybody do well in this situation?  It reminds me of how the Marlins treated Cameron Maybin during his first year with the team (yes, I know is not as skilled as Harper).  These young players need consistency.  They need confidence builders.  They need help from their managers.  They need to be put into the best possible position to succeed and help their teams win.  This constant shuffling is not the proper way to get a player infused into a team’s offense – if his role is changing on a daily basis, no consistency can be formed.

And I do not believe that this is the right approach.  Not at all.

So that leads up to tonight’s ‘Million Dollar Question’ – What Is Matt Williams Doing With Bryce Harper??

You know my stance.  Now tell me what you think.


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