Dissecting The Horrible Product That Is 2014 Donruss

Dissecting The Horrible Product That Is 2014 Donruss

It took me some time to put it all together, but I have finally figured out the true origins of the 2014 Donruss Baseball product that was released a few months ago.

And while I, like many other collectors, was excited about the idea of a new Donruss product to collect in 2014, I have to say that this set fails, and it fails miserably.

But, I was really not sure why I did not like it as much as I actually did.

So, being the ‘numbers guy’ that I am, I took out my ‘thinking cap’ and dug in to truly analyze the set and it’s design.

And what I found is that many of the main attractions from the 2014 Donruss set are simply pieces of other card sets merged into one – a morph, if you will.

First, let me show you the card by itself.  Then, I will explain my findings further.

Here is the base card of my main-man, Giancarlo Stanton.


Not a bad card when standing alone.  Sure, there are no team name or logos on the card, but it is what it is.  And to be honest, I don’t think a Marlins logo or banner would drastically affect my opinion of the finished product.

Now, on to the breakdown…

For comparisons’ sake, I have pulled a few cards from my collection to match up to the 2014 Donruss design.

First, the ‘New’ Donruss logo is the same as the ‘Old’ Donruss logo featured on their 1981 design – just enlarged with a slight splash of color.


From there, Donruss gave us the same border design as they did in 1987 with their base set product.


Almost identical!

And if that was not bad enough, Donruss also stole from their competitor, Topps.  Yep, right from the people they are competing with.  Donruss stole the team banner design from the 1978 Topps set.


Pretty blatant if you ask me…

And friends, that is why this product fails.  A true stinker!  Nothing original.  Nothing new.  And nothing to look forward too.


4 responses to “Dissecting The Horrible Product That Is 2014 Donruss

  1. Yeah, well, can’t entirely agree with you. There hasn’t been a truly original card design since Pacific left the boards. Topps has been doing the same design for at least a decade, now. So Donruss combined a bit of ’87 D with a bit of ’78 T. Big whoop. I don’t think that comes as a surprise to anyone who’d seen the cards online before their release. It’s actually what makes the new Donruss fun. It’s SUPPOSED to be an homage to all the earlier Donruss sets. The No-No insert set is ’86, Power Plus is the ’85 oversized Action All-Stars, The Rookies insert set (man, I miss those The Rookies boxed sets) is ’88 and the MVPs are ’89. Game Gear sort of remind me of the ’82 and ’83 cards. The designs are fine. They tug the appropriate nostalgia heartstrings. The pictures are a bit too Gypsy Queen for my taste, but there’s not a lot you can do without logos.

    Where Donruss fails and fails badly is having a 200 card set where 45 of those cards are short prints. Having nearly a quarter of a small set as short prints is unconscionable. It alienates pretty much all of your potential target groups. If Panini had done this up like Opening Day (i.e. small set, no short prints, lower price point), I think it could have been the surprise hit of the season. Instead its mostly just annoying. But that’s not because of the design.

    • Stubby- We disagree, and that is fine.

      In the articles I read prior to the launch, I don’t recall anyone saying that this set would be an throwback paying homage to prior Donruss issues.

      Personally, I wanted to be blown away – like I have been with some of their sets from the 2000’s.

      Either way, I respect your opinion. Thanks for reading ’30-YOC’.

  2. I have no problem with the design. What kills it for me and will always kill it for me is the no logos. Just doesn’t look right without logos

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