Don Mattingly, #23

Don Mattingly, #23

In the offseason between the 1997 and 1998 baseball seasons, the New York Yankees made the decision to retire the jersey of #23.

Worn by Don Mattingly for fourteen seasons, Don Mattingly captained the team during their very long drought of the 1980’s.  He still took the field and played like a champion, eanring the name ‘Donnie Baseball’.

Mattingly was a fan favorite due to his dedication and determination to win.  His leadership while at the plate or from first base was the cornerstone of the Yankees offense and defense from 1984-1996.

At the end of his amazing career with the Yankees, Don Mattingly walked away from the sport as a 6-time All-Star, 3-time Silver Slugger winner, 9-time Gold Glove Award Winner, Batting Champion, and Most Valueable Player!!!



2 responses to “Don Mattingly, #23

  1. Number 23 was also included in the name of Don Mattingly’s restaurant, Mattingly’s 23, in his hometown of Evansville, IN. I was fortunate to have had lunch there during the late 1980’s on a business trip. My Dad was a lifelong Yankee fan. If I hadn’t stopped at Mattingly’s 23, Dad would have disowned me. There was an amazing amount of quality sport memorabilia on display at the restaurant and the food was great.
    For more info about the restaurant and it’s closing. See this link


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