I Would Really Like To Add A Don Mattingly Signed Baseball To My Collection!!!

I Would Really Like To Add A Don Mattingly Signed Baseball To My Collection!!!

If you’re a baseball fan from the 1980’s, you have to respect what Don Mattingly brought to the game.

And if you’re a collector from that era, it is very hard to not recognize the value that Mattingly brought to the hobby as well as the revival that his rookie cards helped spur.

For myself, I have a few of Mattingly’s cards in my collection, but not many.  I do, however, have the desire to add a signed baseball to my collection.

In time, I will go after it.

Until then, I will wait for my best opportunity to bring one home!!!

mattingly ball


4 responses to “I Would Really Like To Add A Don Mattingly Signed Baseball To My Collection!!!

  1. Yes, yes, yes!

    Mattingly is my favorite player of all time, my true childhood baseball hero. I have many of his cards but never enough! And while I have many autographs in my collection…I have yet to acquire Donnie Baseball’s 😦

    For some reason, I have it stuck in my head that I’d like to get my first Mattingly ink in person or TTM….but so far, these efforts have proven fruitless. Who knows. One day, perhaps, I will give in!?

    But the quest continues!

    Can’t wait to see yours if/when you pull the trigger!

  2. I have the same idea of getting a baseball signed by Don Mattingly,,,,,but… I have more of a goal to go after. Back in 1990 in a series between the Brewers and Yankees at County Stadium I caught a foul ball hit by Donnie Baseball. I to this day have the ball and still want it to be signed by him. Hope that days some day comes true. Is it possible to send a ball to him and get it signed?

    • Scott- Very nice grab by you! I know that he has a charity that he signs through, I just don’t know that he accepts mail-in items. Still, it is worth investigating and calling about. You may have better luck during the offseason.

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