Million Dollar Question – Carlos Gomez: Love OR Loathe??

Million Dollar Question – Carlos Gomez:  Love OR Loathe??

By now, you have to have an opinion on this guy.  He has been involved in far too many ‘fiery’ incidents and has gained way too much attention for his antics.

First, it was against the Braves last year:

And then it was this past weekend in Pittsburgh:

So, tell me – Carlos Gomez:  Love OR Loathe??

Since I don’t know the guy personally I will not go in that direction.  Instead, I will say that he is an immature player with a lot of talent.  Ultimately, a veteran on the Brewers needs to sit him down and set him straight.  I just don’t know if they have someone on the team that will/can do that.  And if someone does, will he listen?  That remains to be seen.

Ultimately, I lean towards ‘Loathe’.  This guy is going to tick off the wrong guy really soon.  And when that happens, and the right guy is on the mound, he is going to get plunked.  This needs to happen.  I don’t want him hurt, and I don’t want him injured.  But he needs to be put on his back.

But, the last thing that needs to happen is another brawl.  I would hate to see a teammate or opponent get hurt in a fight because of this guys antics.

How about you?  Where do you stand on this?  Is it even possible to be neutral in this conversation??

Let me hear it!!

3 responses to “Million Dollar Question – Carlos Gomez: Love OR Loathe??

  1. I’m aligned with one sportswriter who attributes Gomez’s attitude to him coming from the Dominican Republic and how the game is played there. One would think he has played long enough in MLB to have an understanding and appreciation of the game in our country. That being said, I’ve followed baseball for over fifty years. The game and how it is played has changed in our country over that time span. It’s still nine guys vs. nine guys (except in the junior circuit), a white sphere and a bat.

    The tremendous amount of money involved with game and the associated issues from the owners to the bottom has in my opinion caused the greatest impact on the game over the past 50 years and will do so in the future. It’s not that I’m blind to this, but I always try to keep the game of baseball in perspective for what it really is. A good baseball game is one of the pleasures in life. Sorry to get a little off the subject.


  2. I think that Gomez is probably one of the guys you’d love to have as a teammate, but you hate him if you’re on the opposing team (like AJ Pierzynski).

    Unless you’re a Brewers fan you’ll probably find Gomez pretty annoying.

  3. Aramis Ramirez should be the guy that talks to him and Gomez can relate to.

    I do think it has something to do with how the game is played in Latin america. Similar issues as how Puig is perceived.

    Not sure I can blame them for show boating and in Gomez case, backing up his actions, considering the disparity in which they came from. From rags to riches at a young age, don’t have the maturity or family around to ground them.

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