Happy Birthday Willie Mays!!!

Happy Birthday Willie Mays!!!

The ‘Say Hey Kid’ turns 83 years old today.

Possibly the greatest all-around player in baseball history, the name Willie mays carries some major weight in the sport of professional baseball.

The resume: Career .302 batting average. 3,283 hits. 660 home runs. 2,062 runs scored. 1,903 RBI. 338 stolen bases.

The accolades: 1951 Rookie of the Year. 2-Time MVP Winner(1954 & 1965). 20-Time All-star. 12 Consecutive Gold Gloves. 1 World Series Championship.

Happy Birthday Mr. Mays!!!

2 responses to “Happy Birthday Willie Mays!!!

  1. Happy birthday Mr Mays!

  2. What I’d do to have that picture signed!

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