Tony Gwynn & His 8 Batting Titles

Tony Gwynn & His 8 Batting Titles

We all know that Tony Gwynn’s skill at the plate was unparalleled.

Let’s get right to the numbers that help confirm what we already know…

.351 in 1984

.370 in 1987

.313 in 1988

.336 in 1989

.394 in 1994

.368 in 1995

.353 in 1996

.372 in 1997



5 responses to “Tony Gwynn & His 8 Batting Titles

  1. B. do you know if G. Brett was that consistent and who had the higher career batting avg?

    • McGee-Fan51, Gwynns average is 33 points higher than Brett’s and his on base percentage is almost 20 points higher too. The big number is K’s – in more games, Gwynn has half the number of strikeout than Brett. And Brett was a very disciplined hitter!!

  2. Thanks for the info! I knew you’d know the answer.

  3. Brett was great.. but Gwynns only real competition for best pure hitter of that era was Wade Boggs.. neither had a lot of pop.. but their amazing consistency made me a fan!

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