Happy Birthday Tony Perez!!!

Happy Birthday Tony Perez!!!

Tony Perez turns 72 years old today.

And I have to say that after seeing Mr. Perez in person several times over the last few years, he looks incredible for his age!!!

Tony Perez was a key element to the success of the Cincinnati Reds’ during the 1970’s. A veteran of 23 major league seasons, Perez spent 16 of those years with the Reds. He was a 7-time All-star, and a perennial candidate for the league’s MVP award during his prime.

Perez’s career numbers are solid. A lifetime .279 hitter, Perez collected 2,732 hits during his playing days. And while never classified as a power hitter, Perez crushed 505 doubles and 379 home runs while also amassing 1,652 RBI.

A 2-time World Series champion, and current member of the Florida Marlins management team, Tony Perez is a favorite at ’30-YOC’.

Happy Birthday Mr. Perez!!!

2 responses to “Happy Birthday Tony Perez!!!

  1. I have celebrated his birthday for many decades, as he’s my favorite player of all time. I’m so delighted to google ‘happy birthday Tony Perez’ and find someone else celebrating! Happy Birthday Mr. Perez, you are an icon of professional integrity and we still love you.

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