Happy Birthday Eric Davis!!!

Happy Birthday Eric Davis!!!

Amazingly, Eric Davis turns 52 years old today!!!

Wow, I remember the hype around Eric Davis as he began his career with the Cincinnati Reds. He was a ‘5-Tool player’ that could do it all and he was going to rescue the Reds franchise and deliver them back to baseball glory. Davis had the speed, power, charisma, and personality to carry the franchise to the promised land!!!

After 7 remarkable seasons with the Reds that were littered with All-star appearances, Gold Glove trophies, Silver Slugger awards, and even a World Series championship, Davis was on his way to becoming one of the games biggest stars. Talk about becoming baseball’s second ’40/40 Man’ was a daily occurrence in baseball circles. As one of the game’s premier players, ‘Eric The Red’ was riding high.

Unfortunately, a terrible string of injuries and then an unfortunate battle with cancer stalled Davis’ ability to dominate the game. This 1-time hero became just a regular role player. On occasion, Davis gave us more memorable moments to add to his impressive highlight reel, but he was never able to recapture and string together seasons of success like he had in the late 1980’s when he was on top of the baseball world.

Happy Birthday Mr. Davis. You are remembered fondly!!!

3 responses to “Happy Birthday Eric Davis!!!

  1. He got a standing ovation in Cincinnati as a member of the Giants in his last game at Riverfront. Cincinnati fans are fickle sometimes, but they recognized what he meant for the team in the 1980s and in the 1990 championship season. He is a class act, and is very friendly to his fans today.

    • JT- I was a big Davis fan as a kid. I’d love to add a signed ball of him to my collection in time. I often wonder ‘what if’ with him. I think 400-500 homers and 300+ steals could have happened…

      • Injuries were always an issue, even during his first tenure with the Reds. He never played more than 135 games, always missing at least 30 in a season. That’s a big chunk of time to lose. He wasn’t built for the abuse he put himself through on defense. I’m glad that the negativity he faced in Cincinnati diminished over time and that he is respected for what he did.

        Davis usually appears at the RedsFest in December. Tickets are not expensive, and all the autographs are free. Just something to think about, if you want to add Davis and maybe a few other Reds to your collection. Could be a nice mini-vacation for you.

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