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Dustin Pedroia 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen – Mini

Dustin Pedroia 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen – Mini

Ah, another sweet card from this year’s Gypsy Queen release for my player collection.

This is the mini card of Dustin Pedroia.

Have a look:



While some may be tired of the ‘mini’ phase that Topps seems to be in, I like the vintage looks.  I could do out with some of the ‘junk wax era’ minis that Topps puts in their flagship sets, but I’ll keep the Gypsy Queen and A&G minis!!!

All Day.

1975 Topps Set Card 152/660 – #269 – Doug Rau, Dodgers

1975 Topps Set Card 152/660 – #269 – Doug Rau, Dodgers

Progress: 152/660

Player Name:  Doug Rau

Team:  Los Angeles Dodgers

Position:  Pitcher

Image Style:  Posed Action

Years In The Major Leagues:  9 seasons, 1972-79, 1981

Notes From His 1975 Season:  Doug Rau started 38 games for the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1975.  He compiled a record of 15-9 with 8 complete games and 2 shutouts.  In 257 innings of work, Rau allowed 227 hits and 96 runs.  He struck out 151 batters in that time while also walking 61.

Notes From Career:  Doug Rau started 187 games during his 9-year playing career.  He amassed a record of 81-60 with 3 saves.  Rau has a career ERA of 3.35 with 697 strikeouts on his resume.  Doug Rau appeared in three baseball postseasons, competing in two World Series match-ups and losing both.


1975 Topps Set Card 151/660 – #194 – 1956 Most Valuable Players

1975 Topps Set Card 151/660 – #194 – 1956 Most Valuable Players

Progress: 151/660

Player Name:  Mickey Mantle, Don Newcombe

Card Number:  194

Team:  New York Yankees, Brooklyn Dodgers

Image Style: reprint baseball cards

How they got there:

Mantle captured his first MVP Award in 1956.  He hit .353 on the year and had an on-base percentage of .464.  Mantle drove in 130 runs for the Yankees in ’56 while also scoring 132 runs.  He connected for a league high 52 home runs.

Don Newcombe started 36 games for the Dodgers in 1956.  He compiled a record of 27-7 with a 3.06 ERA.  In 268 innings of work, Newcombe struck out 139 batters while walking 46.  He had an average of 4.7 strikouts per nine innings pitched along with a strikeout to walk ratio of 3.02:1.0.


Happy Birthday Wally Joyner!!!

Happy Birthday Wally Joyner!!!

Wally Joyner turns 52 years old today.

Once looked upon as a baseball savior, Wally Joyner was a hitter that possessed the skills to excite baseball fans, young and old.

Blessed with a swing that was ‘picture perfect’, Joyner had the task of coming into the league as a 24-year old rookie and saving the California Angels franchise.

And while that job may have been to large a burden for any one player to tackle, especially a rookie, Joyner excelled immediately. As a rookie, Joyner made the All-Star team, finished in 2nd place for the Rookie of the Year voting, and finished in 8th place for the MVP award. He collected 172 hits, 100 RBI, scored 82 runs, and compiled a .290 batting average during that campaign; the most successful one of his career.

In total, Wally Joyner amassed 2,060 career hits. He retired after 16 big league seasons with a .289 batting average. Other notable stats from his career include 973 runs scored, 409 doubles, 204 home runs, and 1,106 RBI.

Avery solid career for someone with a world of pressure on his shoulders – Congratulations!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Joyner!!