Jose Fernandez 2014 Bowman – Blue Border

Jose Fernandez 2014 Bowman – Blue Border

After nabbing both the base and ‘State’ cards of Jose Fernandez from this year’s Bowman release, I have set my sights on trying to nab as many of the colored border parallel cards.

And while this journey is not one that is going to be as easy as hauling the base and state cards in, I look forward to seeing how many new and different cards I can score.

So far, it has been just one – The Blue Version!

The Blue cards are serial numbered to just 500 copies.  Mine is #23/500.

Have a look:



I have to say, the Blue works very well with the Marlins color scheme – it is a shame that Bowman opted for a Black team logo, versus the full-color version.

Still, a great addition to my Jose Fernandez PC.

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