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Dustin Pedroia 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter ‘Hometown Heroes’

Dustin Pedroia 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter ‘Hometown Heroes’

The ‘Hometown Heroes’ subset that is part of the A&G brand is a fun one.  I like the thought of the set, and for the most part, the execution is solid.

This is Dustin Pedroia’s card from the 2011 subset:



As you can see, there is a flag that is firmly planted in the land in which Dustin Pedroia calls home in California.

Again, I like the theme of the set, and the design accomplishes the theme.

However, I also think it would be neat to see a card featuring some kind of local restaurant sign that reads ‘Home Of XXXXX’.  I think that’d be pretty cool too.

Still, I am digging this card – just offering a glimpse of ‘what could have been’…

1975 Topps Set Card 174/660 – #28 – Tom Murphy, Brewers

1975 Topps Set Card 174/660 – #28 – Tom Murphy, Brewers

Progress: 174/660

Player Name:  Tom Murphy

Team:  Milwaukee Brewers

Position:  Pitching

Image Style:  Posed Pitching

Years In The Major Leagues:  12 seasons, 1968-79

Notes From His 1975 Season:  Tom Murphy appeared in 59 games for the Milwaukee Brewers in 1975.  He compiled a record of 1-9 with 20 saves and an ERA of 4.60.  In 72 innings of work, Murphy allowed 85 hits and 43 runs while striking out 32 batters and walking 27.

Notes From Career:  Tom Murphy pitched for six different major league clubs during his 12-season career.  He has a lifetime record of 68-101 with 59 saves.  Used as both a starter and relief pitcher, Murphy threw 1,444 innings.  In that time, he allowed 1,425 hits and 664 runs while compiling a strike:walk ratio of 1.26:1.00.


Did You Know…

The first member of the Baltimore Orioles organization to log 20 or more home runs and 20 or more stolen bases in the same season is Paul Blair.  In 1969, Blair connected for 26 home runs for the O’s while swiping 20 bases.

paul blair

1973 HEADLINE: Jim Palmer Notches Career Strikeout 1,000

1973 HEADLINE: Jim Palmer Notches Career Strikeout 1,000

On this day in 1973 , the Baltimore Orioles traveled to Michigan to battle the Detroit Tigers in a double-header.

The Game 1 start for the Orioles went to Jim Palmer who was looking to make history with his start.  He entered the game with 999 career strikeouts, one away from a major career milestone.

And he did not take long to deliver!

In the bottom of the third inning, Palmer struck out 3B Aurelio Rodriguez for career strikeout 1,000.  He would go on to strike out just one more batter during that game as the Tigers won the game 5-3.

Congratulations on #1,000, Mr. Palmer!!!

Jim Palmer photo

Andre Dawson Signed Baseball #17 – ‘Final Game’ Ball

Andre Dawson Signed Baseball #17 – ‘Final Game’ Ball

Friends, I have done it again.

I have added another unique autographed baseball to my Andre Dawson collection.

And the ball is a perfect complement to another ball that was already in my collection.

Have a look:



This time around I asked Andre to add a ‘Final Game’ inscription with the date of 9/29/96 and he obliged my request with a great looking signed baseball.

And as I mentioned, the ball is a perfect complement to another ball in my collection – my ‘MLB Debut’ ball that Andre signed for me a year or so ago.

As I mentioned, this is signed ball #17 for my ‘Ultimate Dawson’ collection ,and I am so excited about how this collection is rounding out.

Do I want more?  You better believe I do.  And I will go after them too.  Just give me a little time and I will be showing off some more.

I cannot wait!!  I hope you will join me for the ride.