Joe Morgan 2014 Donruss ‘Power Plus’

Joe Morgan 2014 Donruss ‘Power Plus’

This is the third ‘Power Plus’ card I have picked up from the 2014 Donruss set.  The first card I scored was the card of Bryce Harper, and then I followed that up with the purchase of the Andrew McCutchen card from the subset.

And now, it is Mr. Joe Morgan’s turn!

And it is nice.



As you can see, the card features two images of the player – one playing offense, and one playing defense.  Joe Morgan was super at both, and I am very happy to have found his name on the checklist of this subset.

Yes, the card may offer a cheap version of the 1985 Donruss border, but this is actually a ‘bright spot’ from the 2014 Donruss set that was full of a lot of dull spots…


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