Andre Dawson Is The Definition Of A ’5-Tool Player’

Andre Dawson Is The Definition Of A ’5-Tool Player’

By now you should know that I enjoy the players that have an all-around game. Sure I have my favorite power hitters and defensive specialists, but in my eyes nothing compares to the guys that havethe uncanny ability to excel at all aspects of the game.

And when it comes to Andre Dawson, this is certainly one of the factors that I enjoyed about watching him play during his career and is a big reason as to why he remains my favorite player more than 10 years after his retirement from playing professional baseball.

The tools are simple to understand, yet few players are able to put the complete package together. Andre Dawson is one of the players that was able to and here are the stats to back up that fact.

The Tools

Hitter for average – Dawson’s lifetime batting average is .279. He has collected 2,774 career hits in 2,627 games played.

Hitter for power – Andre has smashed 438 career home runs. With just one season with more than 40 home runs(he hit 49 in 1987), Dawson was the picture of consistent power for many of his years in the game.

Base Running skills – ‘The Hawk’ has stolen 314 bases in his career and is one of just 4 players to compile more than 400 homers and 300 steals in a career.

Defensive abilities – Dawson was all over the field while using his speed to track down balls that many other players would have let drop. Dawson retired with a career fielding percentage of .983 and committed just 93 errors in 21 seasons(less than 5 per year).

Arm strength and control – ‘The Hawk’ had a cannon for an arm and often threw out guys trying to take third base on what should have just been a double. Dawson has recorded 157 outfield assists due to his ability to throw the ball with power and precision.

Is Andre Dawson a ’5-Tool Player’??? You betcha!!!


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