Andre Dawson’s Jersey Deserves To Be Hanging Somewhere!!!

Andre Dawson’s Jersey Deserves To Be Hanging Somewhere!!!

Prior to shutting down their operations and moving to Washington DC to be renamed the Washington Nationals, the Montreal Expos had retired Andre Dawson’s #10 jersey. A special honor held for baseball’s elite players, this gesture by the team showed just how much Dawson meant to the team over the course of his 11 seasons North of the border.

While this was a very special acknowledgement, the lasting impact of it faded quickly. When the Expos became the Nationals back in 2005 they put the three retired Expos numbers right back into the available list of numbers that a player could select.

Overnight, the tributes to the three greatest Expos players of All-time vanished – no more tributes to Andre Dawson or Gary Carter or Tim Raines. What a terrible way to erase the impact these three players had on that franchise.

While Dawson’s greatest single season came as a member of the Chicago Cubs, he had his greatest successes while playing in Montreal. And although I would personally love to see it, I doubt that Andre’s 6 years in Chicago or 2 years in Boston or 2 years in Florida are enough to get his number retired by any of those teams.

This whole thing is a shame, and it’s terrible that what ‘The Hawk’ did for the Expos has basically been erased.

Could the Marlins?? Would the Marlins??


6 responses to “Andre Dawson’s Jersey Deserves To Be Hanging Somewhere!!!

  1. If nothing else, the HOF should have a room/wing dedicated to past franchises whose identity wasn’t carried over and changed. I think it is difficult to get a franchise’s current location fan base to respect the past when they have no ties to it, in turn, then why would current ownership/management care about preserving it too?

    Gone are the days with the likes of Dodgers and Giants keeping fan bases in their past and current locations. When those teams moved it reflected what was happening in the country, many people from the East coast was transplanting to the West. I don’t think many people from Montreal are relocating to DC.

    I would love to visit the HOF one day and see Dawson’s, Carter’s and Raines’s jerseys representing a team that once was, but not forgotten.

    • Charley- That is certainly a nice way to honor the team and players. But, the amount of people that visit the HOF versus a ballpark is night and day. These guys and old franchises deserve as large of an audience as possible, in my opinion.

  2. It always bothered me that the Washington Nationals didn’t pay more tribute to the greats of Montreal. To me it seems like they should be the ones paying tribute to the guys who kept the franchise successful for many years.

    One small consolation is I know the Montreal Canadians have a banner hung with all of the retired numbers at their arena.

    • Zebulon- Imagine if the Nationals wore Expos uniforms on a throwback night – that would be great!

      As for the Canadiens, I have that video saved on my laptop. It is nice that Montreal did something for those guys and that team, but MLB needs to do that and more.

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