Happy Birthday Robin Ventura!!!

Happy Birthday Robin Ventura!!!

Robin Ventura turns 47 years old today!!

Ah, one of my favorite White Sox players of all-time is celebrating his birthday today. As a Cubs loyalist, it’s hard to even admit, verbally or written, that I like some of the players on the ‘pale hose’. But, truth be told, when I first moved to Chi-town in 1988, it was much easier to get tickets to see the Sox so I enjoyed several games at Comiskey Park. And of the players I got to see regularly, Robin Ventura became one of my favorites. You see, I was a third baseman too and I was also a much better contact hitter than power hitter. The similarities between myself and Robin Ventura in regards to our baseball successes stops there…

What I enjoyed most about Ventura was watching him get better. He was not a rookie that came into the league and took baseball by storm. He was a worker and over the first few seasons we got to watch him get better. He got better at hitting, driving in runs, and defense and Sox fans took him in as their own because of his dedication to the team and the game. It was nice to see him blossom and he churned out a very solid 16-year career.

By the end of his playing days, Ventura was a 2-time All-star and 6-time Gold Glove award winner. He tallied 1,885 career hits and slammed 294 home runs.

Currently, Robin Ventura is back in Chicago serving as manager of the team he debuted with – the White Sox. He is doing a solid job, and I wish him the best.

Happy Birthday Mr. Ventura!!!


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