Frank Robinson 2014 Topps Archives

Frank Robinson 2014 Topps Archives

For me, the best thing about the Topps Archives brand is getting the ability to obtain new cards of my favorite legends, with a modern twist.

Between the new image opportunities, new design elements, and possibility to find new card designs that feature players that were not active when the designs were originally released, and I am hooked!

And sometimes, you get to simply add one more card of a favorite to your collection…

And that is what makes this card of Frank Robinson so sweet!

Have a look:




Yes, Robinson was part of the original 1973 Topps set.  But, his card in that set is a far cry from what Archives offers.  Archives gives us a very young #20 while he was starring for the Reds.  The image is a new one, and I like the vintage feel his old-school Reds uniform brings to the card.  But, it is just a bit off.

My issue with this specific card is that by the time Robinson reached the 1973 season, he was an aged veteran playing in the final stages of his career.  Personally, I would have liked to have found him with the 1986 or 1980 Topps design – better than a re-do that does not jive with his history…

Still, I am happy to have a new Frank Robinson card in my collection.


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