Jose Fernandez 2014 Bowman – Green Border

Jose Fernandez 2014 Bowman – Green Border

With today being Jose Fernandez’s birthday, I had to find another card of the reigning NL ROY to show off on the blog.

And I have found a pretty nice one.

The card comes from the 2014 Bowman baseball card set, and it is the Green colored parallel to the base card.  Each Green parallel is serial numbered to just 150 copies.  My card of Fernandez is stamped as 128/150.

Have a look:



Simply awesome!

Happy Birthday Jose!

6 responses to “Jose Fernandez 2014 Bowman – Green Border

  1. I’m a huge fan of the 2014 Bowman Green parallels! It reminds me a lot of the 1986 Topps Football design which is one of favorite card designs of all time.

  2. I love the design, but I like my baseball card with baseball card designs. That’s what killed my collecting of early 1990’sTopps Hockey, Basketball and Football because Topps used the exact same design on all their cards.

  3. Yeah it was extremely lazy of Topps to produce cards in that manner. You weren’t missing as far as that is concerned.

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