Rickey Henderson 2014 Topps Archives

Rickey Henderson 2014 Topps Archives

Rickey Henderson made his major league debut in 1979.  He starred on his first Topps baseball card during the following season, 1980.

For this year’s Archives product, Rickey is featured in the 1973 Topps design.  By my calculation, Rickey was just 15 years old when this set was released originally.

And since they did not have any card of Rickey from when he was a teenager, they went with next best thing – a picture of him from his younger days with the Oakland Athletics.

Check it out.



I love it!  This baseball card is ’30-YOC Approved’.



4 responses to “Rickey Henderson 2014 Topps Archives

  1. I have to say that this card is like many of the early Topps Vince Coleman cards- all pose & no action! Show Rickey stealing a base, leading off 1st base, getting a running jump on a ball in the outfield, anything, but a posed picture.

  2. I’ll just say that at least it’s not a recycled picture (that I know of – however I could be wrong).

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