SIGNING RESULTS: 1985 National League Most Valuable Player, Willie McGee!!

SIGNING RESULTS:  1985 National League Most Valuable Player, Willie McGee!!

Thanks to the generosity of loyal ’30-YOC’ reader Gerad (aka McGee-Fan51), I was able to take part in a signing with the 1985 NL MVP, Willie McGee two weeks ago in St. Louis.

I’ve wanted to add McGee to my collection for some time and a signed ball by him is another great MVP-themed ball for my collection.

Gerad hooked me up by working with the promoter of the event as he had  a few things to get signed as well.  And when he asked if  I was interested as well, I jumped right in!

I put a ball and payment in the mail the very next day.  And now, I am the proud owner of this new ball.

Have a look:


I love it.  Signed right on the sweetspot in Blue ink, this ball and autograph look sharp and clean.  And while Mr. McGee may not have the best looking signature around, I am thrilled to finally have one in my collection, especially when the cost was a fraction of what a signed ball would cost me on Ebay.

Thank you again, Gerad!  Another great piece has been added to my signed baseball collection.


4 responses to “SIGNING RESULTS: 1985 National League Most Valuable Player, Willie McGee!!

  1. Nice. I’ve been trying to add a McGee autograph for years. His autographs go for a lot more than I ever expected.

    • Fuji- Yeah, I am pretty certain that his auto holds a premium price because of the Cardinals fan. They truly value him as a franchise great, and even though he has not played professionally in 20+ seasons, he is still cherished as a franchise favorite. He also does not do many signings and does not sign through the mail which helps maintain his ‘value’.

      I’m really happy to finally land this one as I have been shopping for one for more than two years…

  2. McGee is definitely one of the most underrated ball players of the 1980’s and 1990’s.

    Congratulations on scoring such a gem for your collection! Very impressive!

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