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Andrew McCutchen 2011 Topps ‘Diamond Duos’ With Pedro Alvarez

Andrew McCutchen 2011 Topps ‘Diamond Duos’ With Pedro Alvarez

You cannot have just one cog in the wheel – baseball is a true team sport.

And when your team is led by someone with the skill level and talent of Andrew McCutchen, you are on your way to good things.

And if your second-best player has the ability to drive in runs and deliver power like Pedro Alvarez, you are in really good shape.

I like how the Pittsburgh Pirates team is built, and with some of the very young players on their roster getting so much playing time now, I think that they are built for a nice run of competing for the NL Central crown for years to come.

This card from the 2011 Topps ‘Diamond Duos’ subset features the future MVP in McCutchen and future All-Star in Alvarez.



1975 Topps Set Card 231/660 – #466 – World Series Highlights

1975 Topps Set Card 231/660 – #466 – World Series Highlights

Progress: 231/660

Card Number:  466

World Series Highlights – A’s Do It Again.  Win 3rd Straight World Series.

This card celebrates the championship win of the Oakland Athletics at the culmination of the 1975 World Series.  The A’s, having won the 1973 and 1974 World Series titles cemented their place in baseball history as a true dynasty in the sport with their third straight championship victory.


Happy Birthday Dustin Pedroia!!

Happy Birthday Dustin Pedroia!!

Dustin Pedroia turns 31 years old today.

Without a doubt, Dustin Pedroia is one of the most admired and respected players of his era.  To do what he does, both offensively and defensively, is what leadership is all about.  He sets the tone for the Boston Red Sox, and through both wins and losses he is a face of the franchise.

Not blessed with a frame or physique that is built for professional sports, Dustin Pedroia uses all 68 inches and 165 pounds of his heart and determination to help his team excel.

From playing defense in which each and every out counts, it is not rare to find Pedroia diving on the field with the goal of stopping the ball, making the play, and saving a run.  Equally, on offense, he is always looking to advance runners, take an extra base, and tire the pitcher with his aggressive play.

Happy Birthday to a true legend, #15.  One day his number will certainly be painted onto the wall at Fenway – Count on it!


Happy Birthday Jorge Posada!!!

Happy Birthday Jorge Posada!!!

Jorge Posada turns 43 years old today.

I have always had a lot of respect for catchers.  I feel that their role is the most critical one on the team due to their handling of the entire pitching staff.  A good, strong catcher is able to communicate well, be a team leader, and must be trusted by each and every member of the pitching staff.  Jorge Posada is the perfect example of this.

Posada led the New York Yankees to 5 championship titles during his reign as their #1 catcher.  What is most impressive about this run of excellence is that the Yankees change players, and specifically pitchers, quite often.  Posada had the skills as a leader to be able to handle new pitchers added to the team while still keeping them as competitive and dominant as they need to be without skipping a beat.

Jorge Posada had a fantastic career and will go down as one of the best catchers from his generation.

Happy Birthday Mr. Posada!!!

Happy Birthday John ‘Boog’ Powell!!!

Happy Birthday John ‘Boog’ Powell!!!

‘Boog’ Powell turns 73 years old today.

The man who was beloved by the Baltimore Orioles and all of its fans is one of the most popular Orioles of all-time!!!

A 17-year bis league veteran, Powell spent 14 of his seasons with the Orioles.  He was a dynamic offensive threat that specialized in extra-base hits and driving in runs.  Over the course of his big league career, Powell collected 1,776 total hits with 620 of them (52%) going for extra bases.

Powell was a 4-time All-star player.  He won the American League’s MVP award in 1970 and also has a 2nd and 3rd place finish under his belt.

Powell competed in 4 World Series match-ups, winning three championships!!

Happy Birthday ‘Boog’!!!

1973 HEADLINE: Willie Mays Connects For Final Home Run Of His Career, #660!!!

1973 HEADLINE: Willie Mays Connects For Final Home Run Of His Career, #660!!!

On this day in 1973, Willie Mays hit the final home run of his career – #660!!

At Shea Stadium, in front of a crowd of more than 36,000 fans, the New York Mets hosted the Cincinnati Reds.  And in the bottom of the 4th inning, Willie Mays connected for the final home run of his amazing Hall of Fame career.  It was a solo shot off of Reds’ pitcher Don Gullett.  The Mets went on to lose the game 2-1.

Willie Mays had an amazing baseball career.  As one of the game’s most well-rounded players of all-time, smashing home run #660 was just another in the very long list of amazing accomplishments by the ‘Say Hey Kid’!!!

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Mays!

And Now For Your Viewing Pleasure, My Fergie Jenkins 2014 Topps Archives Rainbow…

And Now For Your Viewing Pleasure, My Fergie Jenkins 2014 Topps Archives Rainbow…

While certainly not the biggest ‘Baseball Card Rainbow’ I have ever put together, I prefer to celebrate all of the ‘little’ ones I complete as I keep my eyes glued on taking the player collection to the next level.

Ferguson Jenkins was featured on four different cards in this year’s Topps Archives product, and it was not terribly hard or expensive to grab each one with the goal of nabbing all four.

So, I did just that.  And now, the rainbow is complete.

Here is a peek.  From left to right, and top to bottom – Base, Gold Foil Parallel, Silver Foil Parallel, 1987 Topps Glossy All-Star.




Nice.  And now I am already on to the next!!