The Death Of Tony Gwynn Has Left Me Feeling A Bit Empty…

The Death Of Tony Gwynn Has Left Me Feeling A Bit Empty…

It has been two months since one of my baseball heroes, Tony Gwynn, died.

And since his passing, I have spent more time reading articles written about him, watching videos about him, and learning more about him.  I was sad the day that he passed.  And I am still sad about it today.  Lately it seems like more and more of the players I enjoyed as a kid are gone.  Gary Carter blew me away a few years ago, and then back in July, Tony Gwynn left us too.

As I watch modern-day baseball, I crave for the legends that shaped my love for the game.  I miss watching them play.  I miss cheering for them.  I miss impersonating their batting stance and swing with my buddies at the park.

Do I love the modern game?  Of course I do.

But my true passion is the baseball and the players that starred during my youth – Pete Rose and 4,192, Mookie Wilson’s error, Canseco’s 40/40, Bo Jackson breaking bats over his knee, Andre Dawson throwing out runners going to third, Rickey Henderson cruising around the base paths, Dwight Gooden striking out dozens during each appearance, Kirk Gibson’s World Series home run, and the list goes on.  These are the players and moments that made me fall in love with the game.

So, as I always tend to do, I am going to go back to enjoy the sport and hobby from my youth.

’30-Year Old Cardboard’ is heading back to the 1980’s!!!

Will I still follow modern players and teams?  Without a doubt.  Will I still collect modern cards?  Of course I will.  But, I will once again be paying more attention to the players and teams and cards that made me fall in love with this great sport and hobby during my childhood.  If I can learn more now, great.  And if I can conjure up more memories of those great times, I am all for it.

I think that this will be a lot of fun.  And I hope that you are ready to go back to the 1980’s with me.

Let’s Go!!

Boys Collecting Baseball Cards

8 responses to “The Death Of Tony Gwynn Has Left Me Feeling A Bit Empty…

  1. When I got back into the hobby one of the things I found most rewarding was collecting autographs from the teams I grew up seeing on The Game of the Week and of course, my 69 Cubs. Teams like the Orioles, Cardinals, Red Sox, and yes, the Miracle Mets. Guys like Gibson and Palmer and Yaz and Cleon Jones, Santo, Kessinger, Hickman, Hundley etc. The Cubs seem to be poised for a resurgence and that is exciting but I’ll never be 10 again and it will never be like ’69.

  2. Players and cards are never as good as they were when you were a kid. I still think the players that I watched growing up (Murray, Henderson, Ripken, Gwynn, Griffey Jr., Bo etc) are light years better than today’s players.

    Collecting cards was much more fun 20+ years ago; wax boxes cost around $20 and it seemed like you got twice as many cards when compared to today’s wax boxes. The “hits” were the base cards of superstars not some autograph, relic or manu-relic that you could care less about and makes you immediately wish that you hadn’t dropped that $50+ on that wax box.

    Having the MLB Network is great, but there are a lot baseball shows that I watched growing up that are nowhere to be found on tv anymore like The Game Of The Week on NBC w/ Vin Scully, This Week In Baseball hosted by Mel Allen, re-runs of the original Home Run Derby on espn etc. Not to mention Braves games on TBS or Mets games on WOR. Even though the White Sox or Cubs are not “my teams”, I am so glad that WGN carries some of their games that allow me to see more games.

    I know things change, but some things should just stay the same.

  3. I’m right there with you in terms of Gwynn and collecting. Some of my favorite PC’s are centered around players from my childhood and the era in which they played (the 80’s).

  4. started collecting in the 80s myself.. despite their over-abundant numbers, i will always hold dear the mid to late 80s cards… and the players those days, I am with you on that… i wish we’d see players like Henderson, Doc, Boggs, Carew, Vince Coleman, Dawson and so on…Gwynn has always been one of my players to collect as well as the Cubs…

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