Bryce Harper 2014 Topps Museum Collection

Bryce Harper 2014 Topps Museum Collection

It has been a very tough year for Bryce Harper, and Bryce Harper fans too.  Between nagging injuries and a lengthy stay on the disabled list with a broken thumb, we have never really had a chance to see him put together a nice 30-40 day run where he is ‘on it’.

And sadly, we may have to wait until the 2015 baseball season to really see what he can do.

Thankfully, the Nationals are poised for a 2014 playoff run.  I hope he can contribute to team victories along the way as he surely has the talent to help the club win.

One day, he will be the reason that they are victorious.  And I firmly believe that day will come soon!!

I picked up this card of #34 during a recent shopping spree on  I love the look of this design, and the ‘Museum Collection’ theme is one that appeals to me.  Topps does a fantastic job with the colors from this set and this one of Bryce Harper is perfect.




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