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Andrew McCutchen 2011 Bowman Platinum

Andrew McCutchen 2011 Bowman Platinum

I tell you what, physically he may not look like he has a mighty swing, but when Andrew McCutchen rips a hard swing through the strike zone he connects with a ton of force.

I cannot recall if it was earlier in 2014 or late in 2013, but I saw a small feature about him and part of that feature showed him working in the cage off of a tee.  And let me tell you, between the hand speed, balance, and power that he generates – #22 can rip!

This card from the 2011 Bowman Platinum baseball card set showcases his swing very well.  I like how you can see that while his body is in perfect control, he has used it to generate a tremendous amount of torque and power.


1975 Topps Set Card 236/660 – #614 – Rookie Pitchers With Kucke, Miller, Ruhle, Siebert

1975 Topps Set Card 236/660 – #614 – Rookie Pitchers With Kucke, Miller, Ruhle, Siebert

Progress: 236/660

Player Name:  Jack Kucek, Dyar Miller, Vern Ruhle, Paul Siebert

Card Number:  614

Team:  Chicago White Sox, Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers, Houston Astros

Position:  Pitchers

Image Style:  Posed Portrait

How these players fared in 1975:

Kucek – Kucek pitched in just 2 games in 1975.  He threw for 3 innings allowing 9 hits and 2 runs while striking out 2 and walking 4.

Miller – Miller made 30 appearances during his rookie season while putting together a record of 6-3 with 8 saves.  He had an ERA of 2.72 and struck out 33 batters in 46 innings of work.

Ruhle – Ruhle made 31 starts for the Tigers in ’75. He capped the season with a 11-12 record and 190 innings pitched.  In those 190 innings, Ruhle allowed 199 hits and 104 runs.  He struck out 67 batters in that time while allowing 65 walks.

Siebert – Siebert made 7 appearances for the Astros in 1975.  He went 0-2 on the year as he faced just 77 batters.  In 18 innings of work, Siebert gave up 20 hits and 7 runs en route to an ERA of 2.95.


1998 Headline: “Welcome To The 400/400 Club, Barry Bonds”

1998 Headline:  “Welcome To The 400/400 Club, Barry Bonds”

On this day in 1998, Barry Bonds stole the 400th base of his major league career!!  And in the process, he became the first and only member of the “400/400 club”.

There was no question prior, but this moment in baseball history solidified Bonds as one of the greatest offensive weapons that the sport has ever seen.  A dynamic player at the plate and on the base paths, Bonds was able to take over game and win with his amazing array of baseball talents!

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, Mr. Bonds!!

1992 HEADLINE: Dennis Eckersley Sets Record With 40 Saves In 4 Straight Seasons

1992 HEADLINE: Dennis Eckersley Sets Record With 40 Saves In 4 Straight Seasons

On this day in 1992, Dennis Eckersley recorded his 40th save of the 1992 baseball season.

And while there was nothing extra-special about this particular game or the circumstance of the save, ‘Eck’ made history with this closing appearance.  This save gave Eckersley 40 or more saves in four different seasons – a major league record!!

The first player to ever accomplish this feat, ‘Eck’ tallied 45 saves in 1988, 48 in 1990, 43 in 1991, and 52 in 1992.  And with 33 saves during the 1989 season, Eckersley capped that 5-year span with 221 total saves.

Truly dominant and a great competitor.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Eckersley!!!

Miami Marlins 2014 Bowman Platinum Team Set

Miami Marlins 2014 Bowman Platinum Team Set

You wanna see a really nicely put together baseball card set?

Look no further than 2014 Bowman Platinum!!!



This set is sharp, and it features great color and action-packed images.  I really like how the players are centered perfectly on each card and the muted background gives the impression of a 3-D effect.

As for the player mix, it is fair – 1 active superstar in Stanton and 1 inactive superstar in Fernandez.  The other 4: Heaney has been demoted to AAA after a unsucessful debut, Marisnick and Moran were traded to Houston in late July, and Nicolino is a high-rated prospect.  The mix is fine, but I am tired of Jake Marisnick cards at this point – he has been in a lot of MLB sets in 2014, too many for my liking, but he is now playing for the Astros.

I need to go back and review my official Marlins checklist to see what other Bowman Platinum team sets I can put together.  If they are anywhere near as nice as these, it will be a worthwhile journey…