Happy Birthday Cal Ripken, Jr!!!!

Happy Birthday Cal Ripken, Jr!!!!

Cal Ripken Jr. turns 54 years old today.

One of baseball’s most recognizable figures, Ripken built an incredible resume during his 21 years in the majors.  While Cal will probably be most remembered for his consecutive games played streak of 2,632, he also accomplished some amazing baseball feats.

With 3,184 hit and 431 home runs, Ripken is one of only 8 players in the elite 3,000/400 club.  Being in such an elite and limited group of the game’s greatest players solidifies Cal as one of the greatest of his era.

And the individual achievements that Cal conquered during his playing days makes him one of the game’s most decorated superstars – A Rookie of the Year winner, 2-time MVP, 19-time All-star selection, 8 Silver Slugger awards, and 2 Gold Glove trophies.

As a token of love and appreciation for Cal and what he means to the game of baseball, I will be dedicating a full day’s worth of posts to his amazing career!!  Stay tuned all day long…

Happy Birthday to one of the game’s classiest players!!


2 responses to “Happy Birthday Cal Ripken, Jr!!!!

  1. Brian,
    I look forward to another interesting day of posting. Ripken was a pleasure to follow.

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