Baseball Card Show Tomorrow Saturday Morning!!

Baseball Card Show Tomorrow Saturday Morning!!

I have not been to a ‘Saturday’ baseball card show in close to two years.  The Friday night shows have been working so well with my schedule, up until now that is…

Tonight, my 8-year old son had a baseball game with his Winter League team, the Phillies.  I am an assistant coach for the team, and we did not stop playing until 7:20.  By the time we left the field, got home, took showers, and got ready for bed it was 8:30 and way to late for me to haul 30 minutes away from my house to attend a card show that ends at 10:00PM.

So, I am going to go tomorrow morning – EARLY.

Why early?

Because my 6-year old son has a Winter League baseball game with his team, the Yankees at 11:30.  We practice 30 minutes prior to the start of the game, and yes I am also an assistant coach for his team.

So, I will be leaving the house around 8:15 to arrive at the show in time for the doors to open at 9:00.  I will have 75 minutes to shop and hit he door so I can meet the rest of my family at the ballpark in time for the start of the practice at 11:00.  If I am lucky, I may be able to chomp a granola bar along the way…

As for the show, I am limiting my ‘wants’ since I know my time is very limited.

I am hoping to grab some more cards for my 1975 Topps set build at the show – this is priority #1.  From there, I am hoping that some of the modern dealers have cards from Topps Mini, Topps Chrome, Panini Prizm, and Donruss Series 2 for me to look through and grab cards from for my modern and vintage PC’s as well as my Marlins collection.

Wish me luck – 75 minutes is gonna fly by!!

And don’t worry, on Monday I will recap mu full experience.  Have a nice weekend.

card show 3

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