Andrew McCutchen 2014 Bowman Platinum

Andrew McCutchen 2014 Bowman Platinum

Last week I showed off the first single from the 2014 Bowman Platinum baseball card set.  That card was of Orioles’ 3B, Manny Machado.

Well, it is time for me to unveil another card that I have scored from the set.

And I am kicking it up a notch – to MVP-Talent!!

Here is the card of the reigning NL MVP, #22 – Mr. Andrew McCutchen:



Like the Machado card, this one also features great in-game action and supreme colors.  The shot used feels like it could have been selected for a poster – so crisp and clean!

This set has really impressed me thus far.  And I still have some more to show off to that is just as, if not more, nice.

Get ready for that in the coming days and weeks ahead.

But for now, scroll back up a few steps and check out ‘Cutch’.

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