Baseball Card Show Review.

Baseball Card Show Review.

While not under normal conditions, I attended a baseball card show this past weekend.  Prior to this show, I had become a ‘regular attendee’ of the Friday evening show, but with a Little League game on my calendar for my 8-year old’s team, going on Friday night was not an option.

So, I developed an aggressive plan to get to the show early on Saturday with the goal of being able to leave and get to my 6-year old’s Little League game at 11AM on Saturday morning.

Well, the plan went off without a hitch.  My early start was successful and I was able to spend 70 minutes at the card show – Hat-Tip to the organizers of the show for being nice enough to allow me early entry.

As for the cards, I did fairly well.  I spent a majority of my time working with my vintage dealer as I dug into his 1975 Topps boxes and hauled away a very impressive stack of cards for my set build.  Other than that, I did a little bit of casual shopping and picked up some other things that will fill my collection nicely.

I’ll show of my purchases throughout the remainder of the day so you can see how I did.

Come back often, and ‘Thanks for reading’!

Happy Monday.

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