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Joe Morgan And The Hall Of Fame Class Of 1990

Joe Morgan And The Hall Of Fame Class Of 1990

Joe Morgan was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown during his first year of eligibility in 1990.  Morgan captured 363 of 444 votes cast for election, an 81.7% vote.

Morgan was elected with another first-time candidate, Jim Palmer of the Baltimore Orioles.

Morgan’s Hall of Fame plaque reads:

“Impact player who lifted Cincinnati’s ‘Big Red Machine’ to higher level with his multi-faceted skills.  Trademark was flapping left arm as he awaited pitch.  Packed unusual power into extraordinarily quick 150-lb frame.  Played 22 seasons and also holds home run and games played record for 2B.  NL MVP, 1975-76.”


The Joe Morgan Statue!!

The Joe Morgan Statue!!

On September 7, 2013 the Cincinnati Reds unveiled a statue of legendary Reds player Joe Morgan.  The statue will greet fans as they enter the main entrance of Great American Ballpark.

Morgan is beloved in Cincinnati, and a valued member of the franchise’s history.

Morgan was previously honored by the Reds on June 6, 1998 when they retired his jersey number ‘8’.

Here are some pictures of the statue unveiling outside of Great American Ballpark:





Joe Morgan And His 1975 & 1976 World Series Championship Titles

Joe Morgan And His 1975 & 1976 World Series Championship Titles

Joe Morgan appeared in 7 different postseasons.  Of them five were with the Reds, and four led to appearances in the World Series.

He and his Reds teammates won titles in 1975 and 1976.

Morgan’s performances were not up to his standards, but he did amass as .347 on-base percentage in 23 World Series games while scoring 14 runs and driving in 8.


Joe Morgan Is Your 1975 & 1976 National League Most Valuable Player

Joe Morgan Is Your 1975 & 1976 National League Most Valuable Player

The fact that Joe Morgan was able to capture one, let alone two, MVP Awards during his tenure with the ‘Big Red Machine’ is an amazing accomplishment.  After all, the team was loaded with superstars and future Hall of Fame players.

So, for any one player to stand out enough while playing on that squad to earn the recognition as the Most Valuable Player is a very commendable achievement.

Morgan’s numbers from the 1975 and 1976 baseball seasons were superb.

1975 – .327 batting average, .466 on-base percentage, 163 hits, 27 doubles, 17 home runs, 67 stolen bases, 94 RBI, 107 runs scored, 253 total bases, and just 52 strikeouts in 639 plate appearances.

1976 – .320 batting average, .444 on-base percentage, 151 hits, 30 doubles, 27 home runs, 60 stolen bases, 111 RBI, 113 runs scored, 272 total bases, and just 41 strikeouts in 599 plate appearances.



Joe Morgan Was An Elite Base Runner And Run-Scoring Machine

Joe Morgan Was An Elite Base Runner And Run-Scoring Machine

During his 8-year stretch with the Reds from 1972-1979, Joe Morgan elevated his game and began to dominate the opposition in multiple ways.

His best assets?  His feet and his baseball smarts!!

Joe Morgan was an extremely disruptive base runner.  When on base, he would often draw multiple throws to the base he was on, taking the pitcher out of sync.  He was so successful at stealing bases that he often drew no throw at all.  Morgan stole 689 bases during his career, 406 of which came in 8 seasons with the Reds (50 per year average).

All of the havoc on the bases caused Morgan to score hoards of runs too.  He scored 1,650 times during his big league career, 816 of them coming during his days with Cincinnati (100+ per year average).


Joe Morgan Owns One Silver Slugger Award For Offensive Output By A Second Baseman

Joe Morgan Owns One Silver Slugger Award For Offensive Output By A Second Baseman

The Silver Slugger Award for offensive excellence at each defensive position debuted in 1980.

It was not long before Joe Morgan was chosen as the best offensive second baseman in the National League.  He won the award just once – in 1982.

His numbers from that season included:  .289 batting average, .400 on-base percentage, 134 hits, 19 doubles, 14 home runs, 61 RBI, 68 runs scored, 24 steals, and 204 total bases.

Atta Boy, Joe!!!


Joe Morgan Is A 5-Time Gold Glove Award Winning Second Baseman

Joe Morgan Is A 5-Time Gold Glove Award Winning Second Baseman

Always a solid defender, Joe Morgan captured five Gold Glove Awards for defensive excellence between 1973-77.

Morgan has a career fielding percentage of .981.


Joe Morgan Was The Fuel To Cincinnati’s “Big Red Machine”

Joe Morgan Was The Fuel To Cincinnati’s “Big Red Machine”

Every team needs and offensive player that can disrupt what the opposition’s game plan is.  Typically this player in the most talented and well-rounded player on the team – and usually the best athlete as well.

For the Reds of the 1970’s, that player was Joe Morgan.

Morgan had the ability to put the ball into play and get on base with a solid consistency.  Morgan has a career on-base percentage of .392, and has nine seasons on his resume that eclipsed the .400 mark; 4 of which led the league.

On the base paths, Morgan was a disruptive force.  Stealing bases, breaking up double plays, and keeping the pitcher and catcher out of rhythm was his specialty.  He stole 689 bases in his career and scored 1,650 runs.

Coincidentally, it was during the Reds’ best seasons in the mid-70’s in which Morgan had his most productive base stealing and run scoring seasons of his career…


Joe Morgan Is A 10-Time All-Star

Joe Morgan Is A 10-Time All-Star

Joe Morgan made his first appearance as an All-Star in 1966, his fourth season and second full-time campaign in the majors.  He then did not make another All-Star team until 1969.

It was his arrival in Cincinnati that escalated his status in the big leagues and allowed him to show his full potential and value to a team.  Traded to the Reds in 1972, Morgan made the All-Star team in his first season with the club and eight season run of consecutive All-Star game appearances – for all eight years with the Reds.  The run was incredible and it cemented Morgan’s status as the best National League second baseman of the 1970’s.


Happy Birthday Joe Morgan!!!

Happy Birthday Joe Morgan!!!

Joe Morgan turns 71 years old today.

Joe Morgan was a baseball superstar during the 1970’s.  A 2-time MVP and 10-time All-star, Joe Morgan brought his well-rounded game to the Reds for 8 seasons.

Offensively, Morgan was awesome.  A threat at the plate, and on the base paths, he was the perfect complement to a Reds team that was full of potent offensive talent.  Morgan collected 2,517 hits during his career and has a lifetime batting average of .271.  Other notable offensive stats include his 1,650 runs scored, 689 stolen bases, 268 home runs, and 1,133 RBI.

Joe Morgan is a ’30-YOC’ favorite and we will celebrate his amazing major league baseball career all day today.  It will be a lot of fun!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Morgan!!!