Joe Morgan Is Your 1975 & 1976 National League Most Valuable Player

Joe Morgan Is Your 1975 & 1976 National League Most Valuable Player

The fact that Joe Morgan was able to capture one, let alone two, MVP Awards during his tenure with the ‘Big Red Machine’ is an amazing accomplishment.  After all, the team was loaded with superstars and future Hall of Fame players.

So, for any one player to stand out enough while playing on that squad to earn the recognition as the Most Valuable Player is a very commendable achievement.

Morgan’s numbers from the 1975 and 1976 baseball seasons were superb.

1975 – .327 batting average, .466 on-base percentage, 163 hits, 27 doubles, 17 home runs, 67 stolen bases, 94 RBI, 107 runs scored, 253 total bases, and just 52 strikeouts in 639 plate appearances.

1976 – .320 batting average, .444 on-base percentage, 151 hits, 30 doubles, 27 home runs, 60 stolen bases, 111 RBI, 113 runs scored, 272 total bases, and just 41 strikeouts in 599 plate appearances.



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