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1975 Topps Set Card 267/660 – #615 – Rookie Pitchers With Darcy, Leonard, Underwood, Webb

1975 Topps Set Card 267/660 – #615 – Rookie Pitchers With Darcy, Leonard, Underwood, Webb

Progress: 267/660

Player Name:  Pat Darcy, Dennis Leonard, Tom Underwood, Hank Webb

Card Number:  615

Team:  Cincinnati Reds, Kansas City Royals, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Mets

Position:  Pitchers

Image Style:  Posed Portrait

How these players fared in 1975:

Pat Darcy – Darcy went 11-5 in 22 starts for the Reds in 1975.  He had a 3.58 ERA in 130 innings of work.  Darcy struck out 46 batters in 1975 while walking 59.  He won a World Series ring with the Reds at the conclusion of the season.

Dennis Leonard – Leonard went 15-7 with the Royals in 30 starts.  He worked 212 innings allowing 212 hits and 98 runs.  Leonard struck out 146 batters in ’75 and finished the season with a 3.77 ERA.

Tom Underwood – Underwood went 14-13 for the Phillies in 1975.  He had an ERA of 4.14 over 35 starts with the club.  In 219 innings of work, Underwood allowed 221 hits and 110 runs while striking out 123 batters while walking 84.

Hank Webb – Webb appeared in 29 games for the Mets in 1975, 15 of which were starts.  He went 7-6 on the year, compiling an ERA of 4.07.  In 115 innings, Webb gave up 58 runs and 102 hits.  He struck out just 38 batters.



1996 HEADLINE: Andre Dawson Connects For Final Home Run Of His Career, #438

1996 HEADLINE: Andre Dawson Connects For Final Home Run Of His Career, #438

On this day in 1996, Andre Dawson connected for the last home run of his major league baseball career.  Dawson and the Marlins were at home facing the Houston Astros.  Dawson entered the game as a pinch hitter and with two men on in the bottom of the eighth inning, he connected on a 3-1 pitch for a deep home run down the left field line.  The blast, #438 of his career, came against the Houston Astros and pitcher Xavier Hernandez.  Two men were on base for the shot, and Dawson plated three runs to help extend the Marlins lead and eventual 6-0 win.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Dawson!!!

dawson marlins

1989 HEADLINE: Dave Stewart Captures 20th Win For Third Straight Season

1989 HEADLINE: Dave Stewart Captures 20th Win For Third Straight Season

On this day in 1989, Dave Stewart of the Oakland Athletics won his 20th win of the baseball season.

The win gave Stewart 20 or more wins in three consecutive seasons, confirming his status as the team’s ace as well as being one of the best pitchers in the major leagues.

Here are the numbers from those three fantastic seasons:

1987 – 20 wins
1988 – 21 wins
1989 – 21 wins

How did he fare in 1990?  Hmmmm…  How about 22 wins?!?!

Congratulations on a fantastic baseball career Mr. Stewart!  Happy Anniversary!!!

1990 HEADLINE: Dawson Joins Elite 2,000 Hits, 400 Home Runs, & 300 Stolen Base Club

1990 HEADLINE: Dawson Joins Elite 2,000 Hits, 400 Home Runs, & 300 Stolen Base Club

1990 HEADLINE: Dawson Joins Elite Hits, Home Runs, & Stolen Base Club

On this day in 1990, Andre Dawson became just the second player in major league baseball history to achieve 2,000 hits, 30o home runs, and 300 steals.

The feat that got him to this mark?  The 300th stolen base of his career.  The steal came in the bottom of the first inning against the New York Mets.  Dawson singled off of Mets pitcher Ron Darling and immediately stole second base putting himself in scoring position.  He would score the second run of the game for the Cubs on a single by outfielder Derrick May.  The Cubs went on to lose the game 11-5.

Congratulations on #300 ‘Hawk’!!!!

Dawson CC

1969 HEADLINE: Willie Mays Connects For Career Home Run #600!!!

1969 HEADLINE:  Willie Mays Connects For Career Home Run #600!!!

On this day in 1969, Willie Mays connected for home run number 600 of his major league career.

On the road and taking on their divisional rivals, the San Diego Padres, Mays and his Giants teammates were getting close to wrapping up their 1969 baseball season.

With the Giants leading the division by 20 and with the Padres in the cellar in 6th, the crowd of 4,779 was understandable.

Unless you were a fan of Willie Mays!!

In the top of the 7th inning, Mays entered the game as a pinch-hitter and delivered the 600th home run of his career.  It was a blast that accounted for two runs, and it came at the expense of Mike Corkins.

The Giants won the game 4-2, largely in part to Mays’ heroics!

Happy Anniversary Mr. Mays!!!

Happy Birthday Vince Coleman!!!

Happy Birthday Vince Coleman!!!

Vince Coleman turns 53 years old today.

Vince Coleman had one of the most impressive rookie seasons I witnessed during my youth.

In 1985, as a rookie of the St. Louis Cardinals, Coleman debuted with a bang and the entire sport took notice.  Notching 170 hits, while scoring 107 runs, Coleman was the ideal lead-off hitter for the Cards’ star-studded line-up.  Oh yeah, he also stole 110 bases in his rookie year too – simply amazing.  Coleman’s season was impressive enough to earn him the Rookie of the Year award in a unanimous vote!!!

While Coleman continued to have amazing success during his days with the Cardinals, he was never able to replicate that excitement he brought to the base paths once he moved on to other teams.  Still a threat, he still collected between 20-50 swipes per season after he left ‘The Arch’.

Happy Birthday to Vince Coleman!!!


Cal Ripken Jr. 1986 Topps All-Star – Back When All-Star Cards Were Boring…

Cal Ripken Jr. 1986 Topps All-Star

Even as a kid, I did not know why Topps gave us such boring cards of their All-Stars.  As someone who built sets, collected specific players, and ripped open tons and tons of packs, I always found the Topps All-Star card from the mid-1980’s and into the 1990’s a bore.

Proof is below as this is Cal Ripken Jr’s All-Star card from the 1986 Topps set.



Personally, I would prefer a card that displays an action that made Cal’s selection to the All-Star team a worthy one.  Give me him playing defense at shortstop.  Show me a shot of him rounding first and heading to second base with a full head of steam.  Give me a shot of him sliding at the plate as he scores a run.

Give me anything except for something that is so boring it could induce a coma!

Today, I am happy to see that they have put more emphasis on celebrating the stars.  While some of the number of cards of today’s players in a single set may be overkill, at least they offer good images and action.