Happy Birthday Dave Winfield!!!

Happy Birthday Dave Winfield!!!

Dave Winfield turns 62 years old today!

Dave Winfield is one of baseball’s great superstars from the 1980’s.  He was a super athlete that could have gone on to play professional basketball and football, but thankfully he chose baseball for his profession.

But, Winfield used all of his athletic skills on the baseball field.  He was extremely fast for a ‘big guy’.  And he had a canon of an arm.  Combine that with his sharp reflexes, quick hands, and super strength and you had a very, very solid 5-tool player.

In total, Winfield connected for 3,110 career hits with 540 doubles and 465 home runs.  He stole 223 bases during his career while scoring 1,669 runs.  Winfield was chosen as an All-Star 12 times and he captured a lot of individual accolades – 7 Gold Gloves and 6 Silver Slugger Awards.

He’s definitely one of my favorites.  And he also starred in the first MLB action I ever saw in person – a Yankees Spring Training game in Ft. Lauderdale during the mid-1980’s.

Happy Birthday Mr. Winfield!!

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