Eddie Murray 1985 Drake’s Big Hitters

Eddie Murray 1985 Drake’s Big Hitters

Oh yeah, another great 1980’s oddball card for my blossoming Eddie Murray player collection.

Eddie was a huge star for the Orioles during the decade of the 80’s and he was often chosen in many limited edition and limited print sets.

The benefit of that?

Great, extra, cards for your collection that extend well beyond the flagship issues that were pumped out.

This is Murray’s card from the 1985 Drake’s Big Hitters baseball card set:



The set consists of just 44 card, with Murray’s card being number 21.  Cards were inserted into specially marked boxes of Drake’s snack cakes.

I know that I had my share of these as a kid in 1985.  I liked the cakes, but I loved the cards!!!

2 responses to “Eddie Murray 1985 Drake’s Big Hitters

  1. love the Drake’s card. it took me awhile to get the 87 Drake’s Eddie Murray card, but I got the other ones pretty easily.

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