Wade Boggs 1996 Topps

Wade Boggs 1996 Topps

There it is, one of my favorite left-handed swings in baseball history.

Watching Wade Boggs approach the plate and go to work was so much fun to behold. He was an absolute master of hitting.



What I really like about this baseball card is that Wade is sporting his road uniform while playing for the Yankees, but he is in his old home – Fenway Park.

Boggs spent the first 11 seasons of his 16-year career as a member of the Boston Red Sox.  I’m sure that it had to be a little odd when he returned to Fenway and had to head towards the ‘Visiting Clubhouse’.

In ’96, Boggs hit .311 for the Yankees as he connected for 156 hits in 501 at-bats.

4 responses to “Wade Boggs 1996 Topps

  1. never understood why the Red Sox gave up on him for Scott Cooper. a big mistake by the Red Sox. I’m sure Boggs didn’t mind winning the WS in 96 though.

  2. Wonder what their relationship is like?

    • Matt- I wonder that too. I don’t see Wade paraded around by that team as much as you see Pedro, Varitek, and even Clemens. Maybe their is bad blood? Still, that ownership team is long gone aren’t they? He deserves better!

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