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Reggie Jackson 1994 Upper Deck 5th Anniversary Baseball Heroes – Black Border

Reggie Jackson 1994 Upper Deck 5th Anniversary Baseball Heroes – Black Border

I had no idea that this card even existed so when I saw it, I pounced!

The card was issued in 1994 as a 5th Anniversary tribute to Upper Deck’s 1989 debut in the baseball card marketplace.

Upper Deck has used the ‘Baseball Heroes’ theme quite often during their existence, and it has always been a theme that I have found to be sharp.  I love the logo, and I think it works well with the UD diamond-shaped logo.

This card of Reggie has a Black border, which goes very well with the overall look of the card.

Have a look:



I love it!  That image of Reggie is a classic, and the added smaller circle behind him allows for his image to really pop with a 3-D effect.

I’ve got to find out if there are more cards other than Reggie available as part of this 1994 5th Anniversary set.  It could be a fun one to go after…


Andrew McCutchen 2011 Topps Heritage – A Thing Of Beauty!!!

Andrew McCutchen 2011 Topps Heritage

Sometimes you don’t need a lot of words to explain the value and beauty found in a work of art.

I believe that this is one of those times.

I will let the cardboard do the talking.



Dave Winfield 1987 Boardwalk & Baseball

Dave Winfield 1987 Boardwalk & Baseball

Topps did a lot of ‘side jobs’ in the 1980’s as they designed a lot of co-branded baseball cards for other companies wanting to get in on the collecting craze that took over the country.

Once such project was ‘Boardwalk And Baseball’.  The set was just 33 cards deep and was tagged as ‘Top Run Makers’ as the set featured only the greatest offensive players in the game.

The set was released in 1987 and sold in a factory set style, complete with a custom box.  At the time of release, the set could only be purchased at the ‘Boardwalk And Baseball’ park in Florida.

Among the stars included in the set was Yankees’ superstar, Dave Winfield.

Here is his card from the set:



It’s a sweet one!

Each card featured that Pink & Black border, and the now famous ‘B/B’ logo that you see in the bottom, right-hand corner.  Nowhere on the front of the card do you see the Topps logo.  But, it is prominently displayed on the back…

Dave Winfield

1975 Topps Set Card 284/660 – #161 – Stan Bahnsen, White Sox

1975 Topps Set Card 284/660 – #161 – Stan Bahnsen, White Sox

Progress: 284/660

Card Number: 161

Player Name: Stan Bahnsen

Team:  Chicago White Sox

Position: Pitcher

Image Style: Posed Portrait

Years In The Major Leagues: 16 seasons, 1966, 1968-82

Notes From His 1975 Season:  Stan Bahnsen pitched in 33 games during the 1975 baseball season, splitting time between the Chicago White Sox and Oakland Athletics.  He put together a record of 10-13 between the two clubs, while appearing in 33 games.  Bahnsen had an ERA of 4.36 in 136 innings of work.  He struck out just 80 batters during that time, while also giving up 77 walks.

Notes From Career:  Stan Bahnsen won the Rookie Of The Year Award in 1968 as a member of the New York Yankees. He had a career record of 146-149 with 73 complete games, 16 shutouts, and 20 saves to his credit.  In 2,529 innings of work, Bahnsen allowed 2,440 hits and 1,127 runs while striking out 1,359 and walking 924.


Bryce Harper 2014 Bowman Platinum

Bryce Harper 2014 Bowman Platinum

There is that left-handed power swing that I love to watch!  Bowman made an excellent pick of imagery for this card of Bryce Harper for their 2014 Bowman Platinum set.

Check it out:


He may have only connected for 13 home runs in just under 100 games played in 2014, but do not discount Harper’s ability to drive the ball into the stands.

Harper has an incredibly fast and compact swing.  And as a mighty lefty, he can put the ball into the center field stands in a matter of seconds.

In three seasons, Harper has 55 career home runs. And at age 21, he will surely crank up that number in the coming years.

Go Get ‘Em Bryce!!