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Cal Ripken Jr. 1992 Fleer Ultra

Cal Ripken Jr. 1992 Fleer Ultra

The Fleer Ultra brand of baseball cards always gave us large, border-less images.

As a kid, when I first encountered these baseball cards, I always felt like I was hold a miniature photograph opposed to a baseball card.

The 1992 set is a beautiful one, and this is the card of Orioles legend, Cal Ripken Jr.




Gotta love it!  The added graphics element at the bottom of the card do nothing to distract from the overall image and that means a lot as sometimes small graphics are a major distraction.

Looks like Cal whiffed on this though, doesn’t it…

Reggie Jackson 2011 Topps ’60 Years Of Topps’

Reggie Jackson 2011 Topps ’60 Years Of Topps’

The ’60 Years Of Topps’ set that was issued in 2011 is one that I still consider collecting every now and again.

The set features extremely sharp images with bold colors.  Most of the cards that I have come across from the set feature excellent action images as well and that certainly helps elevate the card too.

What I think I like most about the set though, is the prominent ’60’ as the primary background of the card.  While not the lone standout feature, I like when Topps celebrates their history, and the style of this set is absolutely done well.

This is the Reggie Jackson card from the set.



I love it!  All the way down to the stirrups!

Eddie Murray 1998 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice ‘Cover Glory’

Eddie Murray 1998 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice ‘Cover Glory’

I’m not sure how many magazine covers Eddie Murray has been on over the course of his major league career, but this is a neat theme to take to the baseball card world – even if he is sporting an Angels uniform…

Have a look:



This card is from the 1998 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice set and is part of the subset tagged as ‘Cover Glory’.  The magazine cover theme is really neat, though I do wish that they filled in the empty space a bit better with some more sub-headlines.  But other than that, this card is a winner.

1975 Topps Set Card 285/660 – #165 – Doug Rader, Astros

1975 Topps Set Card 285/660 – #165 – Doug Rader, Astros

Progress: 285/660

Card Number: 165

Player Name: Doug Rader

Team:  Houston Astros

Position: 3rd Base

Image Style: Posed Hitting

Years In The Major Leagues: 16 seasons, 1966, 1968-82

Notes From His 1975 Season:  Doug Rader played in 129 games for the Houston Astros in 1975.  He connected for 100 hits in 448 at-bats during the year earning him a .223 batting average.  Rader drove in 48 runs over the course of the season while scoring 41 times.

Notes From Career:  Doug Rader is a career .251 hitter that played for three different teams during his 11-year career.  He has 1,302 career hits to his credit including 245 doubles and 155 home runs.  Rader won five consecutive Gold Glove Awards from 1970-74 for his excellent defensive play at 3rd base.


Happy Birthday Andrew McCutchen!!

Happy Birthday Andrew McCutchen!!

Andrew McCutchen celebrates his 28th birthday today.

One of baseball’s brightest young stars, and the heart and soul of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Andrew McCutchen is a player that can do it all.  From hitting to fielding to running, and everything in between, McCutchen excels at it all.  And with two consecutive postseason appearance in a row, he takes his entire team along for the ride.

Having just completed his 6th big league season, McCutchen is already a 4-time All-Star, Gold Glove winner, Silver Slugger winner, and league MVP.  The sky is truly his limit.

Happy Birthday Cutch!


Fergie Jenkins 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter – Mini Black Border Parallel

Fergie Jenkins 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter – Mini Black Border Parallel

Nothing exceptional here, just showing off my latest and final card of Fergie Jenkins that I will be getting from the 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter set.

Unless one of the more rare versions of this card falls into my lap at an unbelievable price, I am done going after Jenkins and his remaining A&G cards.

Too boring for me…



Sorry Fergie, it is not your fault!