Wade Boggs 1991 Topps – Micro

Wade Boggs 1991 Topps – Micro

You cannot tell by looking at the scan below, but this baseball card is tiny.  I mean super-tiny.

It comes from the 1991 Topps micro baseball card set.  This set was only issued as a complete factory set, and it was an exact duplicate of the 792-card base set product.

The Wade Boggs card from the set is superb.

Have a look:



I should have paired this with the base card from the same 1991 flagship set.  That would have allowed for you to see just how ‘micro’ this card really is.

Next time.

4 responses to “Wade Boggs 1991 Topps – Micro

  1. They inserted these into Cracker Jacks. I think three per box. I think they inserted micro ’91 and ’92 only.

  2. Topps had some really great photography in their 1991 set and that Boggs card is a great example of it.

    I pulled a Gregg Olson (it’s amazing that I still have it considering how small it is) out of a pack of Cracker Jacks. I could’ve sworn that there was only were per box, but I could be wrong.

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