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Dave Winfield 1990 Score

Dave Winfield 1990 Score

Dave Winfield was a monster.  And when he swung the bat and connected, there was always a chance that the ball was going to sail over the outfield wall.

But, there was never any doubt that it would be hit hard.

After all, Dave Winfield is 6 feet, 6 inches tall and weighed 220 pounds during his playing days.

This card of ‘Big Dave’ from the 1990 Score baseball card set captures that powerful swing very nicely.


Rickey Henderson 1987 Donruss Pop-Up All-Star

Rickey Henderson 1987 Donruss Pop-Up All-Star

As a kid that was an avid baseball card collector in 1987, I don’t recall ever knowing about these Donruss Pop-Up cards.

I now know that these Pop-Ups were part of a larger All-Star set that Donruss issued in 1987 that followed the design of the base product from the same year.

These Pop-Ups are actually fold-out style cards that are pretty neat.

But, I would never pop mine out or stand mine up.  At least I wouldn’t do that if I only had one…

Here is the card of Rickey Henderson from that set:



That’s the Metrodome in the backdrop, right?

1975 Topps Set Card 314/660 – #242 – Jay Johnstone, Phillies

1975 Topps Set Card 314/660 – #242 – Jay Johnstone, Phillies

Progress: 314/660

Card Number:  242

Player Name:  Jay Johnstone

Team:  Philadelphia Phillies

Position:  Outfield

Image Style:  Posed Portrait

Years In The Major Leagues: 20 seasons, 1966-85

Notes From His 1975 Season:  Jay Johnstone played in 122 games for the Philadelphia Phillies in 1975.  He connected for 115 hits in 350 at-bats en route to a .329 batting average.  Of his 115 hits, Johnstone connected for 19 doubles, 3 triples, 7 home runs, and 86 singles.  He also scored 50 runs for the team while driving in 54.

Notes From Career:  Jay Johnstone played for eight different major league clubs during his 20-season big league career.  He is a lifetime .267 hitter with 1,254 hits in 1,748 games played.  Johnstone has 215 doubles, 38 triples, and 102 home runs on his resume.  He is a member of two World Series championship squads – the 1978 New York Yankees and the 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers.


1975 Topps Set Card 313/660 – #264 – John Milner, Mets

1975 Topps Set Card 313/660 – #264 – John Milner, Mets

Progress: 313660

Card Number:  264

Player Name:  John Milner

Team:  New York Mets

Position:  1st Base

Image Style:  Posed Hitting

Years In The Major Leagues: 12 seasons, 1971-82

Notes From His 1975 Season:  In 91 for the New York Mets during the 1975 baseball season, John Milner hit .191.  He connected for 42 hits in 220 at-bats while also delivering an on-base percentage of .302.  Milner had 11 doubles and 7 home runs in ’75, while also scoring 24 runs and driving in 29.

Notes From Career:  John Milner suited up for three different clubs during his 12-season big league career.  Milner is a lifetime .249 hitter with 855 career hits in 1,215 games played.  He scored 455 runs during his career while also driving in 498.  Milner won a World Series championship as a member of the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates.