30-Year Old Cardboard – The End Is In Sight

30-Year Old Cardboard – The End Is In Sight

My heart is a little heavy tonight.  I have decided to stop blogging at ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

For more than six years, this blog has been a big part of my life.  And in that time, I have interacted with hundreds of great people who share common interests with me and dozens of people interested in taking their love for the hobby and the sport of baseball to the blogging world.

One of the most common questions I get asked is, ‘How do you do so much’? My answer is always the same – ‘This is my passion.  This is my hobby.  For me, baseball card collecting and blogging are linked.  And the moment that blogging about my hobby feels like a chore and less like a hobby is when I will stop’.

Well, that time has come.  As my personal life has gotten more and more busy with two kids in elementary school while also being very active in sports, my available time has been diminished.  The task of logging in a huge stack of cards, then scanning them all, and then creating drafts for all of them, is something I used to tackle with energy and vigor.  Lately, that same task  has become one that I no longer have time to attack with the same energy.

Could I trim down my workload at ’30-YOC’ and post less frequently?  Sure, I could.  And I thought about it.  But, that is not who I am nor what this blog has become.

So, I will simply hang it all up and walk away.  If Chipper Jones, Mariano Rivera, and Derek Jeter can do it, so can I.

In the coming days, I will have a few more posts – just a few thoughts before I go.  Consider it my final ‘State Of The Blog’.

In the meantime, I would like to say ‘Thank You’ to each and every reader out there that has stopped by one time or one thousand times over the last 6+ years and read something I have posted about.  My love for the hobby and the great sport of baseball remains in my blood and in my soul – I will simply be finding a new way to share it (most likely with my two sons at my side).

’30-Year Old Cardboard’ is not dead.  The blog will remain active and in tact.  I am simply closing the laptop and writing the final chapter.


Brian Applebaum
creator and author of ’30-YOC’

thank you note


29 responses to “30-Year Old Cardboard – The End Is In Sight

  1. Awww, rats.

    Can’t say I don’t understand. Family comes first and the way you posted I figured you had an office of interns. It has to take its toll.

    Good luck and I’ll make sure to read all of your last few posts.

    Maybe you can come back one time when you finish the ’75 Topps set. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the great blog! It has been a really great place to visit and talk about cards & baseball.

  3. Thanks I do understand but will still miss the Blog !!

  4. Wow! I enjoyed every email that was waiting for me when I woke up in the morning. A great blog & blogger that will be missed.

    Have fun with your family!! That’s always first.

  5. I definitely understand the need for family to come first. Just don’t stay away too long — and get those kids into collecting!

  6. I’ll miss the blog. Always a fun read. Thanks for writing for the last 6+ years and I wish you nothing but the best for your post-blogging life. (But be sure to check in every once in a while!)

  7. Brian,
    Hi! I enjoyed the blog and most importantly the friendships that it has developed. Family comes first. As Nick said, maybe you can check in once in awhile. You can’t leave us hanging about your Ultimate Dawson collection. You’ve touched a lot of people that I’m sure have appreciated your passion for baseball cards.

  8. Wow! I understand and support your decision but I’ll miss the blog. I don’t think there’s anyone that’s been any more enthusiastic about collecting than you have. Thanks for sharing it with us and you’re always welcome back.I’m not deleting you from my blog list.

  9. Best of luck to you and hope to see you back soon!

  10. Brian, thanks for blogging as long as you did. I’ve enjoyed the website tremendously and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to trade cards over the years to help both our collections. Most of all I’ve enjoyed getting to know you along the way. I’m going to miss the site but I hope to remain in touch.


  11. The best thing about this hobby is that when you’re ready to jump back into it, it will always welcome you back. Take your time, do everything you need to do, and I wish you the very best. Thanks for all the great reading material over the years and for being a great part of the blogging community. We’ll definitely miss you!

    – Drew

  12. I’m guessing that means no fantasy baseball next year, right? Anyway thanks the all the good reads. Best of luck

  13. I’m saddened, but I understand. I’m going to miss 30-YOC. It was a blast being able to follow for the past 6 year’s. I’m going to miss * “Did you know?”
    * Happy birthday
    * And most of all reading about your Andre Dawson collection/memorabilia.
    Thank you Brian for all of the time and energy you spent writing. The information was a grand slam!
    Loyal Fan,
    McGee-Fan 51

  14. Thank you all for the kind words and support not only tonight but throughout the years as well. It has been a fun ride.

  15. I see no reason why the fantasy league will stop. As long as we can get the managers, we can play!

  16. I’ve greatly enjoyed watching you assemble your various player collections. The whole post a day always seemed hugely time consuming to me and I’ve never under how anyone does it, but I do understand how someone could find themselves losing the time to do it. So go enjoy life.

  17. Noooooo!

    Really sad to see you hanging it up. You have a really great card blog. Plus I still have a bunch of Ripkens I’ve been meaning to send you…

  18. My favorite part was finding out if you liked a card or not. The birthday posts were nice too. And it feels like there will be a “Did you know?” void.. first Contrarian Guy stopping, now you. I didn’t care much for the 75 Topps posts, tbh. Not enough personality in them! Anyways, best of luck to you in the future with everything! Looking forward to 40-Year Old Cardboard when you dive back in.. haha.

  19. I have enjoyed watching what you post throughout the 1+ years that I knew of this site. You have kept me into my collection in that time thanks for the posts.

  20. Brian,

    I’ve told you this before but you’re blog was one of the main reasons that I started mine. Thanks for consistently putting out quality post after quality post for the past six years. I’m sad to see 30-YOC come to an end but I totally get it. Keep collecting and keep in touch!


  21. This was one of the first blogs that I found back in 2010 when I discovered the card blogosphere. Thanks for the great reading material, and also for the kindness you’ve shown me over the years by sending cards my way. You’ll be missed!

  22. What do we have to do, to keep you from closing the doors on 30 YOC? I am willing to complete your 1975 complete set. I’ll also include several autographs. Two of them are being sent to you on Monday. What else am I suppose to read? Come on man!

  23. Brian,

    Ryan’s Pitch exists because of you and a few other bloggers out there. It’s been an energizing look at our wonderful hobby and sport – and will continue to be so as long as you leave a lights on! Just think of the random visitors who might visit 30YOC after you step away; it will be like a well organized, quiet museum. And if just one of them decide to pick up that first pack or cards or put that first sentence down in a brand new blog….

    You did a GREAT job – as a collector, writer and fan. And from what we could see here, you did it all while keeping up with everything else that is important in life. No easy feat.

    I’ll miss your posts but I applaud your decision. Like everyone has said, everything will always be here, just as you left it. Please stay in touch and let me know if you move so that I know where to drop PWE’s from time to time 🙂

    I’ll see you in the fantasy league in a few months!

    Your friend,



  24. I have to say that I wasn’t expecting to read this when I opened the blog today. I understand how you feel though. I’m an all or nothing guy myself. It has it’s pleasures and it’s pains. There is nothing like being a father though! Enjoy it!

  25. Brian,
    After the historic series and epic game 7, I Googled baseball, clicked many links, and ended up finding this site, only to discover that it is no longer active. Just spent way too much time pouring over many of your excellent posts. I hate that I didn’t discover this sooner. Sadly, I quit collecting a few years ago. Just lost interest because of the demands of a family, job, and pretending to be an adult. Plus, the hunt for all of these fragments of cardboard isn’t the hobby it once was. Having grown up in the heyday of the 1970’s/early 80’s, it’s depressing to see what has become to the hobby I used to love. Thankfully, your site contains many, many more posts for me to read through and remember a bygone era and hobby lost to the young of today. I hope all is well with you and your family.


    • Keith, I too miss this blog. Maybe someday Brian will bring this back. It was a good run. I’m still into baseball cards. Mostly pre 1975. It’s still fun working with my cards.


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